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6 Home Staging Tips to Take Your Listing to the Next Level

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Sep 19, 2016 8:40:24 AM


When you are selling a home, looks are very important. Not only do you have to list the home at the right price for the market, but you need to make sure that the home looks like it is worth the price you are asking. Setting the stage for a successful sale involves taking time to make the home look the best it can, before your open house.

Here are 6 ideas to help stage your next sale:  

Increase curb appeal

The curb appeal of your listing provides visitors with a first impression. If the curb appeal isn’t there, well, it may be hard to get people inside. Fret not - something as simple as washing the windows in the front of the house can go a long way. Additionally, power washing the sidewalk so they look clean can also make a huge difference in the curb appeal of a home. Does your listing have a lot of greenery? Make sure there are no branches or dirt stretching across the path to the front door.

Clear clutter

Nobody likes clutter. Clutter not only makes a room feel smaller than it might actually be, but it also can make the room seem unclean. Making sure that the home you are trying to sell is organized is largely in the hands of the homeowner. As an agent you can however give them friendly reminders to make sure they organize their belongings.


Here’s a little hint for you - a clean house will not only look clean, but smell clean. Your clients may be “noseblind” to the smells in their home, but other people are not. Pet odors especially can be killer. While staging the home, make sure you cannot smell any foul odors. Lighting candles or putting fresh flowers out for decoration can also help make the home smell fresh (just in case).

Set tables

Setting the dining room table or the bar counter can help visitors imagine themselves eating there. Happy homes are those filled with family and friends. Setting the table helps to imply this is where the entertaining can be done. The table settings don’t need to be anything fancy - just some nice cloth napkins, plates, and maybe a wine glass if you’re feeling adventurous.

Furniture placement

A lot of people think that having a large room means the furniture should be placed against the walls. This is not necessarily the case. Placing the furniture against the walls can illuminate the unused space in a large room. Using floating furniture provides a cozy feeling where the buyers could sit and talk with family or friends. Additionally this helps open the room up and make it feel larger.


The more lighting, the more warm and inviting the home will feel. Have you ever walked into a dark open house? How did that make you feel? Turning on lights and opening blinds not only makes prospective buyers more comfortable, but it also can help make the home feel bigger.  

Often times staging a home correctly can make the difference between a buyer seeing themselves living there, or not. Are you up for the challenge?  

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