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Agent Insights - Real Estate Transactions: Bringing Sexy Back

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Sep 27, 2016 7:30:00 AM

In today's Agent Insights -Robin Hobbs-  a Realtor with Front Gate Realty, shares some real estate etiquette to help your transactions run more smoothly. 

Heres Robin:

Agent Insights - Real Estate Agent Robin

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best agents in Madison and Gluckstadt, MS that make deals run very smoothly. They make this business a little brighter. On the other hand, some agents are arrogant, lazy... you know the type. You hope you never have a client call on one of THEIR signs again!

Real estate is hard enough without making it harder on each other. Let's say we call a truce. Let's "Bring Sexy Back" to the real estate transaction.

Here are a few rules of real estate etiquette to try during your next transaction. Chances are it will run more smoothly and result in less stress for you and more profit for your client! What do you have to lose?

RULE #1: Follow the Golden Rule

As they say, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Provide documents without being begged, return calls/emails/texts in a timely manner, and respond promptly to requests. Even if your client isn't cooperating, regular updates with the other agent lessens stress and eases negotiations.

RULE #2: Be Friendly

Get to know the other agent. It's good to know how experienced they are so you can keep the deal on track if you're the more experienced agent. And if you're the newbie, they will smell it on you eventually, so it's better to be honest and build rapport instead of seeing it as a weakness. Have confidence and allow each transaction to be a mutual learning experience instead of a competition. Each transaction is so unique anyway. Everyone deserves a REALTOR buddy in this circus we call real estate!

RULE #3: Be the Calming Influence

When your buyer insists on sending over a twenty-six item list of repairs (entitled "deal breakers"), which by the way was the complete list from the home inspection down to a missing sink strainer, and the seller takes a solid week to sign the contingency removal form! Be the calming influence.

When the listing agent refuses to provide comps (when the listing is way overpriced) and the response when you push is, "There's nothing else like this out there." REALLY? Be the calming influence!   

RULE #4: Be The Professional

Be prepared and on time. Have the tools (Docusign, Zipforms, Dropbox, etc.) necessary to do your job. Have a routine and stick to it. Be organized. Dress accordingly. If possible, become a full-time agent so you can focus on your clients needs without distraction.

We all benefit from following these rules of REALTOR etiquette. As REALTORS our business grows and our professional and personal lives prosper. Our clients benefit from the increase in profits resulting from the successful transactions we've closed on their behalf. All because we learned how to "Bring Sexy Back" to real estate!

For the original post, click here, and more from Robin visit her website at http://robin.viewhomesinjackson.com/

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