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Blab Primer for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Oct 22, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Blab PrimerBlab is a livestreaming platform that enables a public video chat among four participants at a time. It’s integrated with a chat room. Viewers come in to watch the livestream and they can participate by leaving comments on the left hand side of the desktop application or below on the mobile version. Viewers are also able to interact with each other and the hosts. If one of the four seats is open, a viewer can request to join and it’s up to the host to accept them into the livestream.

Blab is integrated with Twitter - your login is your Twitter account. You’re able to easily tweet from the Blab interface. There’s a mobile app available for iOS devices and an Android app is on the way. Blab is so simple that most people get it intuitively.

Blab in Action

The main difference between Blab and other livestreaming platforms - Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live Mentions, is the social aspect of it. Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live Mentions are all one-to-many broadcasting apps. They allow one person to spontaneously start a live stream and talk at their audience. People who are watching can comment and the host can refer to those questions and comments on video. Unless you have somebody right next to you on the screen – at the same physical location, it’s just one person.

Blab puts the “social” component into social media in the most profound and effective way. It allows people to be face to face in real time without being in the same room. Blab has brought the social interaction back. The fact people can jump in and out of the livestream conversation just adds to the interactive nature of Blab.

You can partner up with other real estate agents or businesses and share expert advice, answer questions, brainstorm ideas, take questions from viewers in the comments and even make it spontaneous whenever an opportunity presents itself, e.g. at a networking or community event.

Ready to try it out?

How to Start Your Own Blab:

To start a blab, click the link in the upper-right portion of your browser or in the lower-right corner on your mobile device.

Put in a title and pick up to three tags to place your blab in categories for other people to find it after the fact (blabs can be recorded). You can either start a blab immediately or schedule one in the future by selecting a date and time for it.

Once you schedule a blab, the people who are following you and have notifications turned on, are immediately notified that you’ve scheduled a blab. You can see in real time people subscribing to your blab – the same way you can see people who come into your room in real time. You can also share a link to your scheduled (or live) blab via email and social media so people can jump on it.

Final word of advice:

Any platform is great for business if used correctly. With Blab, there are a number of ways it can be used for business as long as you keep in mind is that it’s a conversation platform. Conversions and sales will come as a side effect of people being able to see and interact with you. Instead of telling viewers how great of a real estate agent you are, show them!

What has your experience been with Blab? Share in the comments below.


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