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Agent Insights - I Knew Better. I Really Did. Lesson Learned.

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Aug 9, 2016 7:30:00 AM

In today's Agent Insights - Anna Kruchten, a Real Estate Broker and Owner, discusses the challenges that can sometimes arise with clients and how important it is to listen to your intuition when a situation seems like it is getting out of hand.

Here's Anna:


Quite a few years ago I was referred to a young couple that wanted to buy their first home by another one of our trusted clients. All went very well, I found them the perfect first home, the process went smoothly and they loved the home. Her parents were very involved in the process and were quite delightful and so giving to the daughter.

I then proceeded to help her brother and his wife sell a home and buy a bigger home in the same area. Again the process went smoothly and all worked out very well for them.

After a year or so the parents decided it was time for them to buy their dream home. After much searching I found their perfect dream home and negotiated a very good deal. Throughout the process they were extremely pleased with my service and couldn't say enough good things to me and about me. They even sent me a lovely thank you gift.

A year or so after the parents bought their dream home, the brother and his wife split up and went through a divorce.  They wanted to sell their current home and buy 2 other homes. I held their hand through the selling/divorce process which as most of you know can by trying at best. With a lot of patience (on my part) we made it through the sale and purchase of  another home for each of them.

Shortly after, the parents decided Phoenix isn't where they wanted to live. They wanted to sell their home and move to another state. I prepared a CMA as I knew the husband was a very good business person and I wanted everything to be spot on. I went through the usual listing presentation as I wanted them to understand all that it took to market a high end home and the importance of not over pricing the home and preparing it properly for a professional photo shoot.

Well he wasn't too happy with the price range I suggested, but we verbally agreed on a price that I thought was within striking range. We established what would happen 'if' the home didn't sell within 60 days and what the reduced price would be. Nothing was signed that evening as he wanted to think about it. The next day his attitude changed dramatically and he became very difficult and demanding and down right rude. It was very strange, to say the least, after many years of helping all family members buy and sell  countless homes successfully it never entered my mind he could be so off the wall.

The  wife called me the following day and apologized profusely for his behavior. She said that she would handle the listing - solely - and he would step aside. Would I please take the listing? Well - that seemed really 'off' to me as I'd never run into such a situation. These people knew me and knew my level of service for many years. How could he possibly think I wouldn't do all I could for them?  I hesitated  - and honestly - I knew in my gut I should have walked away at that point. So what did I do?  I took the listing  based on my thinking  about the many years of assisting this family buy and sell many homes - successfully.

We did all the usual (over the top) marketing including professional photo shoot and virtual tour, which 15 years ago was not common at all. After 60 days we reviewed the price and I let her know it was time to reduce it 100K as it was not meeting the current market. Well low and behold he once again arrived on the scene and ripped me up one side and down the other. He wanted to cancel the listing and made it known he'd get his way this time. Whoa - whatever was going on with this guy was .....off.

After thinking it through for a few days with my business partner we decided to walk away and not spend any more energy or money on this situation. I knew - I really knew I should never have agreed to working with just her. I knew it wasn't going to have a good ending. But I didn't listen to my intuition.  From that situation on,  I began paying WAY more attention to my intuition.  It was a huge lesson for me to learn and I'm glad I learned it. And BTW the house finally did sale for exactly what I told them it would. Did that make me feel better?  Kind of....but I wished I had never taken it to being with as I knew that I knew that I knew I should have walked away.

I knew better. I really did. Lesson learned.

For more from Anna, visit http://phoenixpropertyshoppe.com/phoenix-property-shoppe/aboutannabananakruchten/.

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