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The Internet Broke! How You Can Survive An Outage Apocalypse

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Oct 24, 2016 11:34:09 AM


Late last week, sections of the United States were sent into a downward spiral of slow to no internet. But alas, the worst is behind us, for now. The cause of the outage was a malicious attack by a group of hackers that targeted servers of the company Dyn, one of the largest internet hosts.

According to an article published on Inman, there were quite a few real estate sites that were affected by the internet outage. Among the biggest ones were Zillow and Trulia. The article explained that the real estate giants had used Dyn to host their sites online. After the Dyn servers were hit with a Disrupted Denial of Service (DDoS), many agents experienced problems displaying their listings online.

The good news is that everything has been resolved. An outage or disruption will happen again in the future though and we’d like to let you know how to survive it. (P.S. If civilization falls, you already know great properties to take shelter in, just save us a spot around the fire).

Here are 3 easy ways to survive an internet outage apocalypse:

Follow up with your prospects via email

Letting your prospect base know that you were aware of the issue is a great way to show you care. This goes double for clients that visit your site often. You can emerge as the agent who cares AND is well-informed.

Give your hottest leads a phone call

Along with the follow up email, giving your hot leads a call will let them know you are thinking about them in this dark time of no internet. As you have seen before in the past, an agent who cares, sells. Putting a personal touch and reaching out will make you look like even more of a rock star.

Post on your social media

While your social media channels might be down, once they come back up you’ll want to keep charging forward again. Whether you’ve used social media to showcase listings or just stay in touch with prospects and clients, a simple message can go a long way. You might have missed them with the email or the phone call, but your social media can save you. This has been an emotional time for everyone, emerging as the sympathetic agent is a great way to build your brand.

Ultimately, to keep your audience engaged, your best bet is to keep them informed. As you have seen before, maintaining a good base of communication is key to any type of relationship and this is especially true in business. A great way to do this is through automated communications that you can schedule to have multiple touch points.

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