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When It Comes to Email Marketing, This Time It’s Personal

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Jul 25, 2017 5:12:00 AM

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These personalized marketing approaches will give your readers the chance to find the content that is relevant to them. Whatever you might write about, give your reader a chance to fill out a form for more information, this will ensure that they are want to receive emails and future communications from you.

Now that you have contacts opted in to your emails (meaning that they consented to receive them), it’s time to start messaging them! Email marketing personalization also starts with your segmented database. Remember, segmentation is crucial to delivering the right message to the right contact, at the right time. Personalizing emails can be easier and more engaging with just a few simple steps.

  1. Make sure the subject line is personalized.
  2. Have great preview text for the email.
  3. Include the contact's first name in the greeting.
  4. Write the content of the email to be relevant to something they have inquired about.
  5. Include a Call To Action (CTA). This directs their attention to what the next step should be (e.g. responding to the email).
  6. Include your signature with a link to your blog/website.

The emails you send (and who you send them to), should be behavior based. For example, if a lead expressed interest in a property but has been unresponsive, the following could be sent to them:

Subject line: {ADDRESS} – your prior inquiry

Preview text: I just found a price drop in the property you were interested in.

Hi {Lead First Name},

Great news! The sellers of the property at {ADDRESS} have dropped the price from $400,000 to $370,000. This is the property you originally inquired about, and I’ve been tracking it since.

Based on the price drop, do you want to go see it?

Many thanks,
{Your First Name}
First Last
Search all homes for sale at yourdomain.com
(DRE / BRE #------------)

Notice how this addresses two behaviors, the contact expressing interest and that they have been unresponsive. This level of marketing personalization is how to get even the coldest of leads to re-engage and since it is originally information that they sought out.

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