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Here Are 5 Free Real Estate Lead Closing Tools For You

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Jun 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM


2017 is already more than halfway over, can you believe it? We’ve been inspired by the success that we’ve seen our agents having in 2017 so far. To celebrate that success, we put together some lead closing resources for you. These are designed to do everything from book appointments to help you close deals. As the temperature and markets heat up, you’ll keep cool with these sweet summertime treats.

 Here are your FREE real estate lead closing tools:

Sellers guide.jpg

 Seller’s Guide to Home Improvement

Stand above your competition and show your seller leads that you know how to get the best value for their home. 

Lead Closing Email Templates 

These email templates are designed keep you top-of-mind with your leads and move them closer to closing.

Email templates.jpg
Ideal neighborhood.jpg

 Your Lead’s Ideal Neighborhood Quiz

Find your lead’s ideal neighborhood and streamline your sales cycle.


An Agent’s Guide To Stress Free

Home Sales 

Make the sellers come to you with this appointment booking tool designed to help you capture and close leads.

Agents guide.jpg
5 reasons.jpg


 5 Reasons Why You NEED a Realtor

You know that real estate is no cake walk, but do your leads? Show them why it is so important to use a realtor in their home transaction. 

Summer is heating up and so is your competition. At Zurple, real estate agent success has always been our bottom line. Interested in how Zurple can handle handle your lead acquisition, warming, and closing for you automatically?

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