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7 Traits of Highly Successful Mortgage Brokers

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

May 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Finding a great mortgage broker is one of the most critical steps for buyers looking to purchase a new home. Unfortunately, it can be hard for buyers to detect whether the lender they are working with is good or bad pick until they've gotten to a point where it's hard to turn back. That's why you need to build trust and establish credibility early on, so that clients feel comfortable with you from the beginning of the process. So what can you, as a mortgage broker, do to reassure your clients that you're a safe bet?

Follow these 7 Mortgage Broker success tips:

  1. Always do your homework and offer multiple loan options
  2. Make sure you respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner
  3. Never skip over the details of loan products, fees or services
  4. Avoid rushing your clients
  5. Provide proof of your success
  6. Never push for a loan that's outside your client's comfort zone
  7. Always be an open book and be prepared to field client questions
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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 6 Ways to Get More Seller Leads

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

May 13, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Editor's note: This blog was originally published in April of 2020 by Brian Lim. It has been updated for accuracy, brevity, and comprehensiveness. 

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’re probably well aware that there are some key benefits to working with real estate seller leads.

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Tips for Writing Effective Property Listing Descriptions that Sell

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Mar 11, 2020 7:46:52 AM

Succeeding as a real estate agent not only requires that you be a great salesperson, but a great content marketer as well. After all, the first impression most potential buyers will have of you is when they start looking online for properties.
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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation & Engagement

Agent Insights - How to Succeed with Google AdWords in Real Estate

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Mar 10, 2020 7:28:42 AM

In today’s abridged Agent Insights post, Jeff Knox - featured Inman writer and Dallas, Texas Broker of Knox & Associates Real Estate - explains how agents can effectively grow their business and online real estate marketing strategy with PPC Marketing and Google AdWords.

jeff-knox.jpgHere’s Jeff:

Google Adwords and PPC can be like the Song of the Sirens to Realtors. For those who aren't familiar with Greek mythology, the Song of the Sirens was a story of beautiful creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. AdWords can be just as alluring to Realtors looking for instant access to willing buyers and sellers.

PPC means instant traffic to your website and the possibility of quick closings and commissions. In theory, what could be better than advertising on the first page of Google to consumers searching for their new home? These possibilities are often too tempting for agents to pass without at least giving PPC a shot. However, PPC can and will eat you and your wallet alive if you don't know what you're doing.  

Don't get me wrong...the rest of my article isn't about how to avoid the temptations of PPC but rather how to make PPC actually work for you as a Realtor.

First, What exactly is PPC?

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Mar 4, 2020 7:30:00 AM

With the industry becoming ever more dependent on digital trends and technologies, many real estate professionals wonder if direct mail should even be part of their marketing strategy in 2020.  Don’t get us wrong—online marketing has its obvious appeal (convenience, immediacy, and personalization), but direct mail is a great offline alternative that offers several advantages that many other online channels lack.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation & Engagement

How Do You Make a Real Estate Video Go Viral?

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Feb 26, 2020 7:30:00 AM

As the average user becomes more and more visual, real estate video marketing is one of the best ways to appeal to the subjective factors that accompany just about every transaction. To ensure your strategy is on point, we’re going to provide some useful tips on how to make a viral real estate video that can attract more buyers to your business.

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How to Create a Newsletter Your Real Estate Clients Will Read

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Feb 19, 2020 7:30:00 AM

These days, our inboxes are cluttered with click-bait, spam, and countless forceful marketing attempts. Naturally, this makes connecting with your real estate clients via content marketing more challenging than ever. With their skepticism running high, you need to give them a good reason to read what you deliver to their inbox. Creating relevant, engaging newsletter content is key to maintaining interest over the long-haul. Here’s how:
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Top 4 Mistakes Real Estate Agents are Making on Social Media

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Feb 12, 2020 7:32:38 AM

Social media marketing continues to grow at lightning speed and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is great news for real estate professionals as social media is a powerful marketing tool that allows agents to connect with prospects on platforms they already use.

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Topics: Lead Generation & Engagement

Marketing to Millennials: Top Tips for New Agents

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Feb 5, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Millennials are transforming the real estate market. Not only do they have higher expectations than generations past, but they are also ambitious, achievement-oriented, and always on-the-go. In fact, as of 2017, millennials have become the largest age group of homebuyers in the United States. Thus, it’s more important than ever for real estate professionals to reassess their marketing strategies and connect with their tech savvy, Generation Y clients.

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A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Feb 4, 2020 7:30:00 AM

If you are a real estate agent playing hide and seek with your website, the best place to make sure your website is never found is the second page of Google. If you aren't on that first page, then your real estate business will never be found. The upside for real estate agents is that local SEO is super easy. There is lest competition from larger businesses, and your audience is easier to define.

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