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How Real Estate Agents Can Stay Social, but Keep Their Distance

Agent Insights - 10 Tips to Becoming the Worst of the Worst Real Estate Agent

Easy and Effective Real Estate Branding Ideas

Photos of Dogs in Quarantine - [Downloadable Real Estate Photo Library Included]

Agent Insights - How To Get Your Real Estate Seller Leads To Fall In Love With You

How Real Estate Agents Should Compete with Zillow

Share These Downloads with Your Real Estate Leads in Isolation

Agent Insights - What’s in Your Real Estate Email Signature?

Don't Forget These Real Estate Tax Deductions in 2020

Tips for Writing Effective Property Listing Descriptions that Sell

Agent Insights - How to Succeed with Google AdWords in Real Estate

How Real Estate Agents Should Respond to the Corona Virus

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Agent Insights - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

St. Patricks Day Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

How Do You Make a Real Estate Video Go Viral?

Agent Insights - 5 Keys to a Successful Open House

3 Easy Ways for Real Estate Agents to Rank on Google in 2020

How to Create a Newsletter Your Real Estate Clients Will Read

Agent Insights - I Won't Discount, but I Will Give You an Extra Perk

4 Lessons Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Tinder

Top 4 Mistakes Real Estate Agents are Making on Social Media

Agent Insights - Its Time Your Real Estate Blog Posts Got GRAPHIC!

Should You Go to a Real Estate Conference?

Marketing to Millennials: Top Tips for New Agents

A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Search Engine Optimization

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Designations

How to Add Infographics to Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Destress (And Still Generate Business)

How to Create the Perfect Email Address for Real Estate Agents

Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Key Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Bad Advice You Hear from Other Real Estate Agents Online

How to Convert Online Real Estate Leads into Clients

Agent Insights - How to Crush it on Pinterest for Real Estate

5 Habits That Will Lose Real Estate Agents Money in 2020

Happy 2020 From Your Friends at Zurple!

Agent Insights - Business Lessons from the Golf Course

5 Moves Real Estate Agents SHOULD NOT Make for the New Year

Seasons Greetings from Zurple!

Agent Insights - Opening Those Doors to Business Success!

Warming Up Real Estate Leads with Quality Content [FREE Downloads!]

5 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Use LinkedIn

Agent Insights - Your Words Can Land You A Lawsuit!

Download Real Estate Themed Holiday Cards

3 Common Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

Agent Insights - Pretty Pictures Don't Replace Real Estate Agents!

5 Bad Habits Real Estate Agents Should Drop in 2020

Top Tips for Building Rapport in Real Estate

Agent Insights - What's on YOUR Business Card?

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 from Zurple!

5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do For Their Sellers

Agent Insights - How I Show My Clients I Am Thankful

Showing Gratitude to Your Community as a Real Estate Agent

Converting Your Real Estate Leads with Text Message Marketing

Agent Insights - What Do Buyer's Agents Do?

5 Tips New Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Experienced Agents

Red Flags Homebuyers Look for When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Agent Insights - 7 Ways to Increase Income in Real Estate Sales

6 Tips Seasoned Real Estate Agents Can Learn from the New School

Top 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Real Estate Business

Agent Insights - 3 CRM Sales Pipeline Practices to Help You Improve Sales

Happy Halloween from Zurple!

Establishing a Real Estate Brand Identity to Stand Out

Agent Insights - An Open House With No Agent

Royalty Free Stock Video Sites for Real Estate Agents

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Agent Insights - Exactly 12 Things Agents Must Never Do In a Real Estate Transaction

5 Types of Videos to Engage Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Top Ways to Assess the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Website

Agent Insights - Doing the Right Thing

How to Set Up Facebook Instant Replies to Convert Real Estate Leads

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook's CTA Button

4 Untrue Myths About Dead Real Estate Leads

How to Create a Facebook Cover Image as a Real Estate Agent 2020

SEO Dos and Don’ts for Real Estate

How to Schedule a Post to Facebook Using Zurple

What Real Estate Agents Should Post to Facebook Using Zurple

Agent Insights - Organization or Procrastination - Which One Do You Adhere To?

How to Gain More Facebook Fans for Your Real Estate Page

Building a Brand Identity for Your Real Estate Business

Agent Insights - The Phone - Friend or Foe?

How to Connect Zurple to a Facebook Real Estate Page

How to Create a Facebook Real Estate Business Page

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween 2019

3 Signs it’s Time to Change Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

Agent Insights - The 6 Best Digital Real Estate Marketing Practices

6 Real Estaste Lead Conversion Tactics That Actually Work

4 Ways to Help Manage and Exceed Client Expectations

Agent Insights - Are You Using Canned Content? Stop It (and here's why)

The Quick Overview to Calling Online Real Estate Leads

4 Tips to Help Step Up Your Social Media Marketing Game

Agent Insights - Part Time Real Estate Agent – Is It Possible? (Pros & Cons)

Overcoming 3 Obstacles All Real Estate Agents in Online Lead Conversion

How to Generate First Time Home Buyer Leads

Agent Insights - Just Sold! And My Seller Didn't Text, Email, Or Own A Computer.

Why Your Online Real Estate Leads Aren't Converting

5 Habits Shared by Successful Real Estate Agents

Agent Insights - Being Right Sometimes Means Being Wrong

4 Lead Generation Tools for Real Estate Agents

4 Simple Types of Online Content That Build Trust with Real Estate Leads

Agent Insights - Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Track Their Mileage

5 Simple Reasons Real Estate Leads Leave Your Website

Essential Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

Agent Insights - Making Dreams Come True For A Single Mom

5 Cons About Being a Real Estate Agent

How to Personalize Your Real Estate Communications

Agent Insights - Who Would Hire Such A Person?

Advice for Millennial Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Calls to Action

Agent Insights - Being The Expert In Your Field Takes…

5 Easy Tips for Effective Real Estate Farming

Real Estate Mobile Marketing: A Definitive Guide

Agent Insights - The Strength Of Single Tasking

5 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make in the Summer to LOSE Business

The Importance of Testimonials in Real Estate Marketing

Agent Insights - 3 Underestimated Sources Of Advertising Inspiration For Realtors

Webinar: Why Your Online Leads Aren't Talking to You

Key Components of a Successful Real Estate Landing Page

Agent Insights - Real Estate Is No Longer Local

Fun 4th of July Facts

3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Blog

Download 4th of July Real Estate Cards

What Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix

Pro Tips on Generating Real Estate Leads with LinkedIn

Agent Insights - 9 Must-Do Tips to Become a Successful Agent

4 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Before Independence Day

The Definitive Guide to Real Estate Marketing on Instagram

Agent Insights - Advice for New Agents Open House Protocol

The 3 Best Times to Ask for Real Estate Referrals

4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Leads Aren't Converting

6 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas Using Free Stock Photos

Agent Insights - REALTOR® Safety

What to Say When a Real Estate Client Brings Up the Zestimate

Zurple General Manager, Jack Markham, and the Zurple Team featured at RealX Workshops Summer 2019

Agent Insights - Why you should be promoting yourself on "the gram"​

Financial Moves Real Estate Agents Can Do Lying Down

Agent Insights - Realtors: Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Closings

Memorial Day

A Free Facebook Posting Calendar for Summer 2019

3 Ways to Follow Up with Real Estate Leads Generated Online

Agent Insights - Volunteering at the Local Board of Realtors

5 Hacks to DECREASE Your Real Estate Business

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads to Fruition with Content Marketing

Agent Insights - Social Media and Today’s REALTOR®

Making the Transition into Luxury Real Estate

How to Warm Up Your Cold Real Estate Leads

Agent Insights - Four Strategic Tips To Keep Your Phone Ringing!

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Real Estate Leads

Top 5 Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

Agent Insights - Download the E-book

Bad Advice from Other Real Estate Agents

Agent Insights - Do You Feel You Need a Little Me Time?

The Guide to Cultivating Relationships in Real Estate

Agent Insights - Build Your Business, Block by Block

14 Questions to Expect When Joining a New Brokerage

Agent Insights - How is Your Eye Contact?

Real Estate Leads: Reality vs Expectations

How to Close New Real Estate Leads

Agent Insights - Appraisal Mistakes New Agents Make

How to Handle Objections in Real Estate

Dress Code Rules for Real Estate Agents

SLAM DUNK: Real Estate Lessons Learned from the Basketball Court

Successful Zurple Customer Featured on Inman

3 Simple Tax Prep Tips for Real Estate Agents

Agent Insights - The Value of Realtors® - 65 Things We Do As Listing Agents

Real Estate Marketing - Generating Seller Leads on a Budget

Thaw Out Your Cold Calling Techniques

Agent Insights - What's in a Script?

3 Ideas to Get New Real Estate Leads (Even on a Monday)

3 Free St. Patrick's Day Downloads for Your Real Estate Leads

10 Real Estate Expenses You Might Not Know Are Tax Deductible

Agent Insights - 10 Things Your REALTOR® Can't Tell You

4 Steps to Warm Up Cold Contacts

Don't Forget! Daylight Savings Time is Sunday, March 10th

What's Best for Real Estate? Google, Facebook, or Bench Ads?

Easy Time Management Tricks for Daylight Savings

How to Make Your Real Estate Photography Look Professional

6 Reasons Your Past Clients Used a Different REALTOR®

Real Estate Agent Roadblocks

3 Tips to Act Like A Business Owner in Real Estate

Spring 2019 Survival Kit for Real Estate Agents

How Top Real Estate Agents Use Personal Branding

Agent Insights - If We Can't Show It, We Can't Sell It!

Love Yourself! - 5 Beliefs You Should Stop Telling Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

3 Ways to Show Your Real Estate Clients Some Love

Agent Insights - Mindset is Everything

Social Media Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agents

4 Weird Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

How to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent in 2019

Free Real Estate Webinar - The 2019 Consumer Timeline

Have You Given Up on Your New Years' Resolutions Already?

DOES IT SPARK JOY? Consider Letting These Go in Your Real Estate Business

4 Tactics for Managing Unrealistic Buyer Expectations

Agent Insights - Marketing: Beg, Borrow, and Steal

3 Talking Points for Clients Considering FSBO

Why You Need Real Estate Reviews and How to Get Them

3 Creative Ways to Utilize the 2019 Super Bowl with Your Clients

How Well Do You Know Your Millennial Home Buyers?

Bad Habits You Have as a Real Estate Agent

Buying vs. Renting: How To Turn Renters into Leads

Agent Insights - Don’t ask don’t tell doesn’t apply to real estate

How to Overcome 4 Common FSBO Objections

6 New Year Realities for New Real Estate Agents

Why 2019's Real Estate Trends DON'T Matter

Season's Greetings from Zurple!

Maintaining Success in Real Estate 2019

5 Lessons Real Estate Agents Should Bring into 2019

Will You Still Be in Business 5 Years from Now?

5 Strengths That Can Be Weaknesses in Real Estate

Happy Thanksgiving from Zurple!

3 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Shouldn't DIY Their Solutions

Keep Your Real Estate Leads Warm This Winter with FREE Downloads

The Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Veterans Day

5 Suggestions for Slow Moving Real Estate Listings

Zurple's General Manager, Jack Markham, named an RISMedia 2019 Real Estate Newsmaker

A List of Unique Gifts for Your Real Estate Clients

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween

How to Not Lose Clients with Unrealistic Expectations

The Right Way to Help Clients Decide Between Selling & Refinancing

How Do You Convert Real Estate Leads From the Internet?

7 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers Even During the Slow Season

5 Excuses Real Estate Agents Can Use For Text Messages That Generate Referral Leads

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

4 Tiny Things That Can Kill a Real Estate Transaction

What Does it Mean to Be a Real Estate Agent?

Agent Insights - I tried open houses and they didn't work for me or my Seller

Qualities Real Estate Agents Should Look for in a Home Inspector

Agent Insights - Use Your Listing Videos to Help Animal Rescue

Do Real Estate Leads Think Phone Calls are Too Pushy?

Zurple Research Reveals What Percentage of Leads Will Never Return to Your Website

Agent Insights - You Can Always Catch More Fish With a Net Than With a Hook

Happy Labor Day 2018!

What the Fed's Projected Interest Rate Hikes May Mean for Some of Your Real Estate Leads

5 Free Tools to Help Prepare You for Real Estate’s Slow Season

3 Habits That Cause Real Estate Agents to Fail

14 Facebook Ad Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Overcoming the Most Common Real Estate Agent Fears

Zurple Research Reveals How to Push Discovery-Stage Buyers and Sellers Into Consideration-Stage

Zurple Research Reveals Peak Activity Window of Real Estate Leads in Discovery-Stage

Do You REALLY Need a Real Estate Assisstant?

Agent Insights - The 20 Minute Solution

6 Ways to Snatch Seller Leads During Busy Summer Months

5 Free Back-to-School Real Estate Downloads

Agent Insights - Respect Home Buyers in Sacramento By Not Speaking Real Estate Jargon

Zurple Reveals Average Site Visit Time of Real Estate Leads in the Discovery-Stage of their Home Search

7 Pieces of Advice You Wish You Knew When You Became a Real Estate Agent

Agent Insights - "DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION"...The Importance of HUMAN Connection In Real Estate

Should Real Estate Agents Get the Day Off?

Zurple Reveals Average Site Visits of Discovery-Stage Real Estate Lead

Time Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

Free Real Estate Webinar on Inman Connect 2018

Agent Insights - Digital Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Professional Should Know (part 2)

Zurple Reveals Behavior of Discovery-Stage Online Real Estate Leads

How to Resume Your Real Estate Business After a Long Vacation

4 Easy Ways Real Estate Agents Can Connect with Contacts this Fourth of July

Agent Insights - 4 Ways to Write an Effective Description for Your Real Estate Listings

5 Netflix Shows for Every Type of Real Estate Agent

What Qualities Do Buyers and Sellers Want in an Agent?

Agent Insights - Digital Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Professional Should Know (part 1)

7 Fourth of July Marketing Ideas for 2018

Answer These 5 Questions & We'll Recommend a Real Estate Coach

Tips for The Struggling Solo Real Estate Agent

How to Say “No” To Real Estate Sellers

[Webinar] Tech or Bust II - Generating Real Estate Referrals

Is Farming a Waste of Time for Real Estate Agents?

Zurple Reveals How Many Leads Leave A Phone Number on a Lead Capture Form

Simple Mistakes Agents Make When Farming for Seller Leads

A Powerful Tool to Capture Seller Leads in Your Farm

Upgrade and Update: Get More People to Your Open House

Using Time Travel to Gain an Advantage in Your Real Estate Business

Agent Insights - Some Music Is For Selling

100+ Royalty Free Real Estate Stock Images Perfect For Agents

Should You Stay With Your Current Real Estate Brokerage?

Agent Insights - How Millennials are Changing Real Estate Markets

How Your Buyers Can Stand Out in a Sellers Real Estate Market

4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Emails Receive Replies

Free Real Estate Webinar Tuesday, May 15th

3 Must-Have Phone Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2018

Agent Insights - Technology is Great but it Does Not Replace Human Touch

Converting Real Estate Leads Through Email

Agent Insights - Check Your Tech

Zurple Research Reveals Average Real Estate Lead Response Time

Agent Insights - How Do You Respond When the Frustration Bug Bites?

16 Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions for the 2018 Filing Season

How to Generate Real Estate Leads While Juggling Other Obligations

Spring 2018 Survival Kit for REALTORS® (free downloads!)

Agent Insights - There's no Such Thing as a Part Time Agent

Zurple Announces Real Estate Leads Intelligence Series

Zurple's Jack Markham Accepted into Forbes Real Estate Agency Council

5 Questions Real Estate Agents Should Ask a Brokerage They Want to Join

Should Agents Use Pets in their Real Estate Marketing?

Agent Insights - Good Advice For Sellers Is Not What They Want To Hear But Need To Hear

9 Inexpensive Open House Marketing Ideas 2018

The Introverted Real Estate Agent's Guide to Networking

Agent Insights - Typical Neighborhoods Millennial Home Buyers Love Most

When Should You NOT Use Automation in Real Estate?

Agent Insights - 21 Ways to Win in Multiple Offer Situations

7 Do-It-Yourself Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents 2018

10 Outrageous Business Card Ideas for Real Estate Agents

How to be a Greener Real Estate Agent

Agent Insights - How I Grew My Pinterest From 8,000 to 31,000 Monthly Viewers In 15 Days

What Should Real Estate Agents Bring When Door Knocking?

7 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Capture More Seller Leads When You Answer This Question

Capture More Local Real Estate Leads with this 2018 SEO Guidebook 

4 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Past Real Estate Clients

Plan an Open House & We'll Tell You What Type of Real Estate Agent You Are

How to Interact With Your Real Estate Leads by Knowing Their Love Language

Happy Valentine's Day from Zurple

Textiquette for Real Estate Agents 101

Maybe It's Not a Great Idea to Drive Your Real Estate Clients?

3 Zurple Stats that Will Make You Re-think Your Real Estate Business’s Email Marketing Strategy

Agent Insights - Quick and Helpful Instagram Tips You Need to Know About

Zurple's Parent Company Acquires Real Estate Digital (RED)

Should You Use a Script When Calling Real Estate Leads?

Should You Have to Pay for a Real Estate Coach?

Agent Insights - So You Passed Your Test, Now What?

How to Outrank Local Real Estate Agents on Google

3 Ways Realtors Can Refurbish Offline Content in an Online World

4 Easy Ways to Re-engage Your Old Real Estate Leads

Zurple Webinar - Closing Online Real Estate Leads in 2018

8 of the Best Websites for Royalty Free Real Estate Stock Images

Agent Insights - Real Estate Marketing Tips For Sellers

Using Lead Intelligence to Convert Online Real Estate Leads

Is Print Marketing for Your Real Estate Business REALLY Dead?

What Most 2018 Housing Market Forecasts Aren’t Including

Agent Insights - Does Anyone Use Voice Mail Anymore?

How Many Touches Does it Take to Convert the Average Home Shopper?

Is Your Real Estate Business Taking Up Too Much Time?

How to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent in 2018

Agent Insights - A Look Back at 2017

4 Myths Seller Leads Still Believe About Listing in Winter

4 Reasons Home Buyers Should Remain Hopeful in 2018's Seller's Market

Agent Insights - DMCA Safe Harbor: Do You Have Your Risk Management in Place?

5 Fun Non-Standard Christmas Songs

4 Ways to Generate Seller Leads in 2018

You Would Never Guess Which Zurple Real Estate Blog Posts Were The Most Popular of 2017

Agent Insights - Are You Memorable?

Is That Lackluster Real Estate Website Not Giving You Results? Get a New One!

25 Hyperlocal Blog Topics to Attract Seller Leads to Your Website

Agent Insights -  Reduce the risk by hiring a local agent.

4 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates as A Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Consider NOT Switching to a New Real Estate Website

Happy Holidays 2017 from Zurple: 5 MORE Free Real Estate Tools

6 Features of Effective Real Estate Newsletters

6 Holiday Marketing Strategies that Drive ROI for Real Estate Agents

Happy Holidays 2017 from Zurple: 5 Free Real Estate Tools

10 Insane Cyber Monday Deals for Real Estate Agents

What to be Thankful for as a Real Estate Agent in 2017

Are You Not Generating Real Estate Leads at Open Houses?

How to Optimize Your Zillow Profile

4 Real Estate Lead Capture Form Best Practices

How to Nurture Your Real Estate Leads This Holiday Season, And Have Time For Family

Could Your Real Estate CRM Be Killing Your Commission?

Factors That Influence Cost Per Lead in Real Estate Marketing

3 Metrics for Real Estate Emails

5 Scary Haunted House Movies for Real Estate Agents to Watch

5 Emails You Should Be Sending if You Want to Convert Seller Leads

The Best Photography Apps for Real Estate Agents - Part 2

10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Fall 2017

Agent Insights - Home Financing Options for First Time Buyers

Why Real Estate Leads from the Internet Stink

5 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Open Houses

Zurple Product Update: Email Improvements

Why You Should Follow Up with Real Estate Leads Immediately

How to Stay in Touch with Your Real Estate Leads & Clients

Zurple Product Update: Message Log Added to Back Office

Why IDX Sites are Better than Non-IDX Sites for Real Estate Websites

13 Festive Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween

4 Ways to Lock in Buyer Leads (Even in a Seller's Market)

If You Miss a Call, What Should Real Estate Leads Hear From Your Voicemail?

5 Ways Realtors® Can Make the Most of Quarter 4

How To Get Your Real Estate Clients to Market For You

Leaving Your Real Estate Leads Effective Voicemails

10 Items to Include in Your Brokerage's Waiting Room

Agent Insights - Four Ways to Increase Your Open House Sign-Ins

Hurricane Harvey - Zurple Gives Back

Lead Conversion For Real Estate Leads Not Answering Their Phones

What To Do When An Agent Leaves Your Real Estate Brokerage

4 Must Have CRM Features for Small Real Estate Teams

Should You Require Phone Numbers From Real Estate Leads?

Agent Insights - How to Generate Real Estate Leads If You Do NOT Have a Database

Interesting Historical Facts About Labor Day

8 Features Top Producers Look For in a Real Estate CRM

4 Golden Rules of Real Estate Lead Distribution

How Millennial Homebuyers Are Finding Their Homes

Zurple Product Update: Customized Lead List Columns

Agent Insights - How to Show Your Clients You Care

4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Generation Software Doesn't Always Work

Product Update: Zurple is Now Integrated with dotloop

8 Signs a Real Estate Lead Isn't Serious About Purchasing a Home

Agent Insights - 5 Good Reasons to Have a Broker's License

Is Your Morning Routine Sabatoging Your Real Estate Career?

Agent Insights - 3 Wasteful Ways to Promote Your Open House

How to Manage Your Real Estate Leads Without Losing Your Mind

Realtors®: Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how well you close online leads

Agent Insights - Questions About the Appraisal Process

3 Ways the Facebook Pixel Can Help Realtors® Capture More Leads

8 Mistakes that Get Realtor®’s Emails Sent to the Spam Folder

Agent Insights - 9 Things You Can Do to Get Your Real Estate Career Up and Running

When It Comes to Email Marketing, This Time It’s Personal

How Sites Like OpenDoor Can Get You More Listings

The Best Times to Call Buyer & Seller Leads - By Geographic Area

Agent Insights - PPC vs. SEO - What's the Difference?

Door Knocking! Is it Helping or Hurting Your Real Estate Business?

9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2017

Keep Real Estate Leads Nurtured this Summer with this Out of Office Checklist

Agent Insights - Are You Marketing Honestly in MLS?

Find Buyers for Your Seller Leads With This Free Template

Why Agents with Buyer Personas Convert More Online Leads

How To Motivate Unmotivated Seller Leads (Best Practices and Tools)

Happy 4th of July

Agent Insights - Hot Market Strategies that Get Offers Noticed

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads While On Summer Vacation

Disposable Shoe Covers for Open Houses: Polite or Pretentious?

How To Capture and Close More Seller Leads

The Best Office Setups for Real Estate Teams

Agent Insights - What's the Best Way to Contact Expired Listings without Being Intrusive and Rude?

A Follow-Up Quiz For Seller Lead Success: A FREE Closing Tool

Real Estate in the Digital Age: Your Go to Guide

10 Open House Marketing Ideas that Generate Real Estate Leads

Here Are 5 Free Real Estate Lead Closing Tools For You

10 Apps for Real Estate Teams - 2017 Edition 

Agent Insights - Is Opendoor the Future of Buying and Selling?

Maximize Your Seller Leads Home Value With This Free Tool

Why You Should be Making Data-Driven Decisions for Your Brokerage

The Best of the Best Man Caves in Real Estate History

Rock Your Real Estate Leads Socks Off With These Free Email Templates

How to Convert Realtor.com® leads (and what's different about them)

3 Tools To Generate More Referrals From Your Seller Leads

8 Signs You're Ready to Open Your Own Real Estate Brokerage

How Realtors Can Perfect their First Impression

5 Unconventional Ways to Find Motivated Seller Leads

Zurple Product Spotlight: Sold Home Notifications

The SEO Checklist Your Real Estate Blog Needs

Here’s The Market Analysis Solution Your Real Estate Leads Have Been Looking For

Here's how to convert more Zillow and Trulia leads

Zurple Product Spotlight: Suggested Tasks

The Biggest Waste of Marketing Dollars in Real Estate

Happy Memorial Day!

22 Awful Excuses FSBOs Give for Not Hiring a Realtor®

You Attract More Leads with Honey than Vinegar

Zurple Product Spotlight: Hot Behaviors

How to Ask the Listing Agent for Repairs Without Sounding Like a Jerk

Agent Insights - How to Protect Yourself at Open Houses

Zurple Product Update: Polygon Maps

A Realtor’s Guide to Partnering Up with a Lender

How to Deal with Real Estate Clients that Want to Cut Your Commission

Friday Freebies: 4 Real Estate Blog Writing Tools 

Motivate Your Leads To Find Their Home On The Market With You

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Finding & Converting FSBO Leads

Agent Insights - Real Estate Zoning Laws Your Client Should Know About

Use This Real Estate Lead Tool To Close More Deals

How to Retain A Strong Real Estate Team During Difficult Times

Why Moms Make Great Realtors

How To Show Up In Your Leads Local Property Search

6 Ways to Connect with Dead Real Estate Leads

Agent Insights - Responding to a Wanna-Be FSBO

4 Challenges Faced By Real Estate Team Leaders

Brokerages Can Attract More First-Time Home Buyers By Doing this

21 Real Estate Facebook Groups for Lead Generation & Advice

4 Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Help You Unwind this Busy Spring Season

Why Real Estate Agents NEED To Track Their Marketing Stats

How to Create a Powerful Brand for Your Real Estate Team

Agent Insights - The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

These Common Lead Behaviors Have Hurt Your Commission

30 Real Estate Email Subject Lines that Entice Leads

How to Keep the Real in Realtor®

Are Your Marketing Efforts Enough To Attract Seller Leads?

74 Real Estate Keywords that Boost SEO Rankings

Convert More Seller Leads During The Hottest Selling Season

6 Tools That'll Help You Land Your Next Listing Presentation

4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Take Advantage of Earth Day

10 Ridiculous Lies Agents Tell Real Estate Leads & Clients

Zurple Product Update: Mass Texts From Back Office

This Strategy Generates Real Estate Leads from Social Media

How Real Estate Agents Can Build Brand Equity Online (and Avoid The “Survivor” Situation)

How to Write Market Reports that Attract Real Estate Leads

Friday Freebies - Email Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

Free Appointment-Booking Presentation for Realtors

Attn Buyer's Agents - 10 Secrets Top Listing Agents Don't Tell You

Agent Insights - 12 Different Realtor Personality Types

Top 3 Real Estate Scams that Agents (and Their Leads) Should Be Aware Of

What Should Be in A Realtor's Email Signature?

50 Real Estate Pinterest Ideas that Attract Buyer and Seller Leads

When and What Messages Realtors Should Send Their Real Estate Leads

12 Strange Things Real Estate Agents Do

Agent Insights - The Most Popular Questions Asked in Real Estate

How Real Estate Agents Turned Snapchat Into Deals

Listing Presentation Checklist

How Real Estate Agents Can Keep Seller Leads Engaged

The Best Photography Apps for Real Estate Agents

Agent Insights - What are the Six C's to Starting a Real Estate Blog?

Why Seller Leads Are Critical to Real Estate Agents More Than Ever

How Real Estate Agents Can Find Seller Leads Before They List

4 Must Read Books for Real Estate Brokers

Friday Freebies: 5 Tools to Prospect Leads Online

How Real Estate Agents Can Improve Their Email Marketing

I Heard It Through The Yelpvine? Turn Reviews into Real Estate Leads

Free Prospect Closing Tool Infographic for Real Estate Agents

10 Ways Brokers Can Prepare for the Spring Real Estate Market

10 Ways Agents Can Get Lucky in Real Estate

How The Federal Increased Interest Rate Will Affect Real Estate Agents

20 Problems Only Realtors Can Relate To

How To Avoid Costly Real Estate Team Mistakes

Agent Insights - How to Overcome Closing Date Delays

10 Real Estate Team Building Tips for Brokerages in 2017

Could Snapchat’s Residential Office Model Mean Big Money For Real Estate Agents?

The 5 Most Influential Female Brokers in Real Estate

5 Eye-Catching Realtor Blog Ideas To Generate Website Traffic

Brokers Should Ask Agents these 18 Real Estate Interview Questions

Friday Freebies: These Time Management Tools are a Whale of a Time

Friday Freebies: 5 Tools to Brand Your Brokerage in 2017

One Easy Way Realtors Can Increase Real Estate Referrals

How to Write Real Estate Blogs that Attract Seller Leads

Social Media and Awards, It’s Not For Hollywood, It’s For Realtors

Agent Insights - 10 Things Your Realtor Can't Tell You

11 Completely Unnecessary Expenses Brokerages Waste Money On

Zillow™ Announces Major Change for Realtors, How You’ll Be Affected

7 Ways to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads with Marketing Flyers

Top 6 Tax Deductions for Realtors

Agent Insights - Baby Boomers Are On the Move

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Giving a Listing Presentation

Could You Get these U.S. Presidents' Homes Off the Market in 2017?

Scalable Programs For Realtors In a Changing Market

10 Real Estate Networking Tips to Live By

Agent Insights - Ways to Save Time with Social Media & SEO Practices

No One Wants General Messaging; Send Personalized, Unique Responses

9 Ways to Find Real Estate Seller Leads in 2017

10 Perks to Dating A Real Estate Agent

4 Ways Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Help Realtors Find More Clients

Your Pop-By Plan for 2017

Agent Insights - When is it Time to Tell a Buyer to Find Another Agent

Realtors, How You Can Win Your Leads Trust and Client Business

How to Find Your Niche Real Estate Market

Do You Know The 2017 Consumer Trends in Your MLS?

What Type of Car Should Realtors Drive?

Agent Insights - Everyone Should Know What You Do

Top 5 Hottest Cities for 2017 for Realtors

How Real Estate Agents Can Take Advantage of the Super Bowl

Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

What the HUD's MIP Reduction Reversal Means for Agents

Real Estate Tech Company Zurple Announces Revolutionary Lead Scoring to World-Class Software Platform

5 Things We Learned as Agents in 2016 (that can help us in 2017)

Friday Freebies: 4 Check Lists Your Real Estate Business Needs

How Technology Can Net You Sales

Zurple Product Update: Lead Priority Ranking

8 Apps for All Your Real Estate Needs in 2017

Agent Insights - How Driving for Uber Helped Me Get More Real Estate Business

Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes Every Agent Makes (& How to Fix Them)

Friday Freebies: Your Guiding Light to Social Media in 2017

Market Watch 2017: Top 3 Issues Affecting Realtors (And Your Leads)

Make the Most of the New Year

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Real Estate Infographics: Benefits, Examples (+ Free Template!)

7 Steps to Generate More Real Estate Business: Tom Ferry Cliff Notes

7 Problems Only Real Estate Pros Understand

Powerful Free Real Estate Lead Generation Tools

3 Task Management Tools Perfect for Real Estate Teams

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The New ABCs of Real Estate Sales Strategy

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5 Ways Real Estate Reality TV is Making Your Job Harder

Oklahoma Agent Uses Zurple to Drive Real Estate Success

Real Estate Advice: 5 Tactics for Effective Internet Lead Follow-Up

A Broker's Guide to Real Estate Ethics

Instagram for Real Estate Pros: A How-To Guide

Hire Me For My Real Estate Mistakes Too

9 Things Real Estate Pros Should Never Say in MLS Listings

4 Real Estate Marketing Freebies That Will Make You Say "Wow!"

Real Estate Marketing Advice: Use SMART Goals to Grow Your Business

Periscope for Real Estate: An Introduction

Real Estate Advice: Manage “Off-Time” Effectively to Promote a Healthy Life

What is a Lowball Offer in a Hot Real Estate Market?

3 File Sharing Apps for Real Estate Pros

3 Marketing Truths All Real Estate Pros Need to Know

11 Outrageous Real Estate Listing Photo Fails

Top 11 Real Estate Pet Peeves - As Defined by Agents & Brokers

7 Traits of Highly Successful Mortgage Brokers

Tips for Real Estate Professionals: 6 Principles of Influence

Buyer's Agent Exclusivity Agreement: Pros & Cons

Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents: Just Say No To Buyer Photos

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

Leo Gonzalez: Power Agent & Zurple User

3 Things All Real Estate Pros Can Learn from Shark Tank

Active Rain To Be Acquired by Ben Kinney

5 Mileage Tracker Apps for Real Estate Pros

17 Real Estate Agent Success Books Worth Reading

Shared Traits of Highly Successful Real Estate Professionals

Branding Best Practices for Independent Brokers

10 Ways Neighbors Ruin Home Sales (& How to Help Your Sellers)

50 Facebook Posts for Agents & Brokers (Summer 2015)

Zurple Case Study: Mark Gordon

5 Awesome Life Hacks for Real Estate Pros

3 Free Money Management Apps for Real Estate Pros

Broker Advice: How to Attract Top Real Estate Talent

Real Estate Search Engine Marketing for Beginners

Amplify Your Real Estate Video Marketing Success with YouTube

Real Estate Advice: A Lingering For Sale Sign Has Negative Impact

5 Reasons Agent Teams Get More Leads Than Solo Agents

Zurple Case Study - Chadd Ziegler

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 11 Facts You Need to Know

7 Real Estate Memes Every Agent Can Relate To

Lenders - Answer These 4 Buyer Questions to Get More Mortgage Leads

9 Things No One Tells You About Living with a Realtor

Top 5 Real Estate Blogs You Should Be Reading

Don't Make This Terrible New Real Estate Agent Mistake

Learn Why Real Estate Blogging is Well Worth Your Time

If All Real Estate Agents Had to Follow House Hunters Rules...

5 "Golden Rules" of Excellent Real Estate Customer Service

There’s No Such Thing as a Dead Real Estate Lead

Don't Waste Time, Pre-Qualify Your Real Estate Buyers

9 Real Estate Tips to Help You Avoid Summertime Stress

Zurple Case Study: Melissa Tucci

How to Use Mini-Webinars to Convert Real Estate Leads into Clients

Twitter for Real Estate: Zillow Tweetchat Highlights

Real Estate Marketing: Save Time with Content Curation

Advice from a Millennial Renter: How to Turn Renters into Home Buyers

Free Real Estate Lead Conversion Tools For Ambitious Agents & Brokers

Get More Deals From Online Real Estate Leads (Webinar)

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Use Facebook to Sell Your Listing

Dealing with Pushy Real Estate Clients Who Refuse to Negotiate

Last Chance to Register for "Get More Deals From Your Online Leads"

Friday Freebies: Top Website Traffic Boosters

Inbound Real Estate Marketing Is In, Are You?

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Blogs Build Trust & Generate Business

WEBINAR INVITE: How to Convert Online Real Estate Leads

Learn Why Offer Generation is Critical to Real Estate Success

Case Study: New York Team, Pete & Julie

Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 4 Ways to Get More Seller Leads

Inman Webinar Recap: 5 Ways to Find and List Real Estate Seller Leads

Improve Your Real Estate Emails

Convert Real Estate Leads with Effective Calls to Action

25 Free Tools to Help You Build Your Real Estate Business

Free Virtual Meeting Tools for Real Estate Agents

WEBINAR INVITE: How to Convert Online Real Estate Leads

5 Steps to Keep You Focused on Your Real Estate Business

Bad Habits, Real Estate Mistakes and Things to Avoid in 2015

Zurple Case Study: The SIR Group

Get More Real Estate Seller Leads with These Free Tools

Coming Soon: Zurple Seller Leads

11 Things You Didn't Know About Zurple CEO, Ryan Owen

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Real Estate Services

What to Do When People Ignore Your Real Estate Emails

Top 17 Free Real Estate Downloads of 2015

Zurple Case Study: Top Producer Coleen Brennan

Advanced Facebook Marketing: Curaytor #WaterCooler Style

Zurple Spotlight: Katie Lance

Facebook for Real Estate: Ads Provide Big Agent Benefits

Facebook Ads for Real Estate: Boosting Posts

Friday Freebies: The Wow Factor

Inman Recap: Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

How to Become the Worst Real Estate Agent Ever

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Your Voicemail is Your Elevator Speech

11 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2015

Zurple Case Study - Bob McTague

Friday Freebies: Top Freebies of 2015 (so far)

Zurple Spotlight: The Tom Ferry Show

Curaytor #WaterCooler Tips on How to Become a Better Agent

Real Estate is Not a Job - It's a Lifestyle

Agent Insights eBook, 2nd Edition: Available Now!

How to Avoid 'Mickey Mouse' Real Estate Leads

Friday Freebies: 2015 Seller's Guide

7 Bad Habits All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

Top 5 Zillow Talk Takeaways for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Lights, Camera, Open House

Conversations Case Study: #FastAgent Kenny Truong

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Finding Home in a Small Town

Twitter for Real Estate: How to Attract Leads

Technology Adoption Plays Major Role in Real Estate Success

Are Time-Saving Automated Tools Worth the Risk?

Free toolkit helps agents get stellar results with Zillow ad program

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Support Out of Town Buyers

LinkedIn for Real Estate: How to Attract Leads

Real Estate Tips: How to Keep Buyers on a Budget

Zurple Case Study: WCI Properties

Meet Bob - the Average Home Shopper

Best Zillow Premier Zip Code Strategy: Staying Hyperlocal or Casting a Wide Net?

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Appeal to First Time Buyers

Don't Get Bullied By Pushy Real Estate Clients

New Blog Series: Buyer & Seller Insights

The Best Free Real Estate eBooks

Considering Zillow Premier Agent Advertising? Read This First…

Want More Real Estate Leads? Focus On One Social Media Channel

How to Fire a Real Estate Client Gracefully

Real Estate Agent Headshots: How to Get the Best Close-Up

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