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5 Bad Habits Real Estate Agents Should Drop in 2020

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Dec 5, 2019 8:30:00 AM

At the beginning of a new year, it's easy to set goals and create a plan. Over time though, it is easy to fall back to old habits. Not all of your habits are conductive to a profitable real estate business though...

5 Bad Habits Real Estate Agents Should Drop in 2020-1

Here are 5 Bad Habits Real Estate Agents Should Ditch in 2020

1. Using Social Media Blindly

Most real estate agents are on social media, because they realize the importance of it. However, there are some agents that are using it without a strategy. Posting something and hoping for the best is not a good approach. Neither is simply just having a profile. It's difficult finding success without knowing what to do. Or maybe there are gaps to your plan? You have a following, but are not converting them? Be sure to set some growth goals, with plans on how you will achieve those goals.

2. Ignoring Past Clients for New Clients

The relationships you build are your future currency. Maintain that balance! This means, you should keep in regular communication with your past clients beyond major holidays and their birthdays. "Just checking in to say hi" text messages can lead to a conversation, that leads to a referral or testimonial!

3. Disqualifying Leads After a Single Call

To reiterate, the relationships you build are your future currency. This includes past relationships and new relationships. If a lead does not answer your phone call, there are other ways to contact them. If they seem unqualified, that doesn’t mean they are not viable leads. They will become qualified in the future, or can send referrals your way if you treat them right.

4. Primary Lead Source is Broker-Provided Leads

Do you know why we are not encouraged to feed wild animals? Because they can grow dependent on handouts, and not learn to forage for food themselves. The same holds true with real estate agents, not saying agents are animals, but knowing how to generate leads is a valuable skill to have - even if they move to a different industry in the future.

5. Keeping it "Old School"

Many agents will prefer that they convert their leads using face to face interactions, instead of leveraging technology. We would agree that is very effective, but technology can help you open doors to real life interactions. Having a large email list or Facebook following gives you more potential for future clients, and can guide your leads through the journey of becoming real estate clients.

Looking to Start Good Habits in 2020?

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