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How to Gain More Facebook Fans for Your Real Estate Page

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Oct 3, 2019 8:30:00 AM

So you've created a Facebook Business Page, but now it's just sitting there - vacantly gathering interenet dust while generating no tangible benefits for your real estate business. Your Facebook Business page is like a party. Once it's set up, the next logical step is filling it with potential customers! Before you can start generating real estate leads through social media, you'll first need to start with gaining a few more Facebook fans.

How to Gain More Facebook Fans for Your Real Estate Page

Here are a few ways to grow your Facebook following:

1. Send a Mass Email Through Your Back Office

The easiest way to send people to your Facebook page is through a personal email with a compelling call to action. Compose an email for your database letting them know that you have a Facebook Business page, and don’t forget to ask them to “Like” the page.

Here is an example email:

Subject: {NAME}, here is the easiest way to know the latest about the {CITY} market


Hi {NAME},

I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider visiting My Facebook Page, and clicking that “Like” button. I regularly post about {CITY} real estate news, as well as the latest listings on the market.

You can visit my page by clicking here:


Thank you,


2. Invite Friends to Like the Page

Built right into the Facebook platform is a method to invite your friends directly. Simply visit your Facebook Business page from a desktop computer, and the right-hand side of the page will have a list of your friends. You click the "Invite" button to invite each friend. Your friends will receive a notification alert from Facebook that will direct them to your page.

3. Cross Promote Your Facebook Page

In addition to email, you can also promote your Facebook business page on other platforms and mediums. Add your Facebook vanity URL to all your business cards and print marketing materials. Also make a post or two on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, about your new real estate Facebook page. A compelling call to action can increase your conversion rate.

4. Run Facebook Ads

It’s debatable whether Facebook is a “pay to play” platform, but it is certain that you can generate tangible results by running Facebook ads. You can run an ad to generate brand awareness with the goal of growing your audience.

5. Post Engaging Content

This is the slowest method, but grants much higher quality results. By posting engaging content you can slowly build your influence as the neighborhood expert. The authentic relationships that you create and nurture can lead to real referrals and leads over time, similar to how top producers can create a self-sustaining lead generation model through only their sphere of influence.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Even Need Facebook?

Bottom line, the majority of the home buyer demographic is currently on Facebook. Real estate is a social business, and in order to be truly successful you must be a social person whether it be online or in person. Social media will allow you to scale your relationship building. If that sounds time consuming to you, why not consider using Zurple automation tools to post to Facebook for you?

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