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5 Cons About Being a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Aug 8, 2019 8:30:00 AM

In a survey conducted by Business Insider, real estate agents were asked what the worst part about their occupation was. Today we have collected some of those answers, and offer a few solutions for them.

The Worst Parts About Being a Real Estate Agent

Here 5 of the Worst Parts About Being a Real Estate Agent:

1. Clients with Unrealistic Expectations

In any industry you will inevitably have to deal with unruly customers. This is where good customer service skills come in. Set proper boundaries for your business and know when to say no. When necessary, also refer buyers and sellers to other agents if you know they can help them better. And if you are dealing with somebody that has a less-than-ideal temperaments, it is okay to fire a client, but always do it with grace.

2. All That Paperwork

That mountain of paperwork is always going to be there. Instead of trying to push a boulder up it, reclaim it as part of your landscape that you will visit regularly. Good time management skills can make all that paperwork more manageable. Concepts such as grouping similar tasks together can improve your productivity and provide more time for other aspects of your business.

3. Inconsistent Income

Sometimes you can blame an inconsistent income on the uncontrollable ebbs and flow of the market. However, what you can control is your own personal habits. There are some practices that will cause real estate agents to starve in the winter, such as easing up on marketing when lead flow is good. To combat this, building good habits and consistency in your workflow can overcome and inconsistent income.

4. The Demanding Work Schedule

A 40-hour work week seems out of reach for most agents. Much like paperwork, it can be within your grasp with good time management skills. Be mindful of yourself - know when to take breaks, take days off, when to not answer calls and return them the next day. More importantly, know when to leave a task unfinished to complete at a later time. The best way to eat an entire elephant is one bite at a time, instead of all at once.

5. Relying on Other People

As a lone shark entrepreneur, it's difficult to have to wait for other people. For example, 3 days to receive that home inspection report can be a bit much. You'll have to instead build a group of like-minded individuals that you can rely on. Over time you'll be able to have a preferred circle of vendors that will provide a good experience for your clients, as well as pass a few referral leads your way. Find a that tribe of honest people that share common goals or values as you and ultimate help your business rather than hinder it.

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