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St. Patricks Day Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Feb 27, 2020 10:01:34 AM

With Valentines Day in the past, we now have a few more weeks to drive interest in your real estate business through St. Patrick's Day. Holidays are a great excuse to market to your sphere of influence. You should always be communicating with them year round, who knows when one of those prospects can turn into a lead or a referral.

St Patricks Day Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Here are X Real Estate Themed St. Patrick's Day Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

1. St. Patty's Themed Pop by Gift

If you know your client's love language, and they happen to prefer appreciation through gift giving - then why not stop by and give them a St. Patrick's Day gift basket? Fill it with green items. You can stock up on inexpensive goodies at Target or a Dollar Tree. Don't forget to leave a handwritten note and your business card!

2. Send Snail Mail

If it's too out of your way to drop a gift at their doorstep, you can also always send something through the US Postal Service. You can buy these glasses from amazon, and send them in a bubble mailer. Or

3. Host an Event

Client appreciation events are always a good excuse to get your past clients together in one room for some face time. Being a likable real estate agent that keeps in touch with their sphere is an important aspect of maintaining a business that will generate referrals and refill your pipeline of leads.

4. Blog on Local Events

If you don't want to host an event yourself, you can write a blog on local events. If you use SEO best practices, you can rank your blog locally on Google. This means next St. Patrick's Day when people are searching for events in your area, then they'll be taken to your website for more information. It is also an excuse to share a few posts tagging local businesses that are hosting these events.

5. Share St Patrick's Day Trivia on Social Media

Posts that start off with the words "DID YOU KNOW" can pique a user's interest into reading the rest of the content. Even though it is not about real estate, this will get your followers engaged and likely to like, share, or comment on your posts - thus expanding your social reach.

6. Send a DIgital Post Card

Last but not least, you can also slide into their email inbox with a St. Patrick's Day digital post card that has been branded to your real estate business. You can click this link to download a set of e-cards. They can also be used in text messages and Facebook pages.

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