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The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Designations

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 30, 2020 8:33:51 AM

Are those 3 letters that follow your name really that important? What benefits do they have? Are there any downsides? Let's take a closer look at what real estate designations have to offer.

Do You Need a Real Estate Designation

Here are the Pros and Cons of Real Estate Designations


They Cost Time and Money

To take the classes, it will take some time out of your day. With good time management skills, this shouldn't be a big detractor from your business. It will need a financial and time commitment if you decide to pursue a designation.

Consumers Might Not Know What They Are

Do real estate agents even know what most of the designations are? Do you know what an RHT designation is? You probably don't because that one is made up. Consumers wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an RHT and SRES designation unless you explain it to them.


Help with Google Ranking

Did you know that it will benefit you in the long run to have a page dedicated to your designation on your website? For example, if you have the CRS designation you can have a page dedicated to what the means for your prospective real estate client. If you have the GREEN designation, the copy you write can help attract millennial homebuyers looking for an eco friendly real estate agent.

The Knowledge

There is something that can never be taken away from you, and that is the knowledge you acquire from earning a real estate designation. You can always go out and learn anything yourself. There are plenty of resources available for self-learning. However, to follow a curiculum with concentrated information will be more effective. You don't have to waste time doing your own research, and learn from others who were once in your position.

This knowledge directly benefits your real estate clients! The designation isn't for bragging rights, it's to improve the customer experience.

You Can Increase Your Network

Some designations will offer a community that you can tap into. For example, the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation will hold conferences. You also have access to a wide network of agents that can give you referrals because home buyers are always looking to relocate.

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