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5 Habits Real Estate Agents Should Discontinue in 2021

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 7, 2021 8:30:00 AM

A new year is the perfect time to adopt new habits. It is also an acceptable time to drop the old ones. There are some behaviors that agents exhibit that cause them to be not as successful as they should be. In today's article we will uncover some of those excuses.

5 Habits Real Estate Agents Should Discontinue in 2021

Here are 5 Habits Real Estate Agents Should Discontinue in 2021

1. Too Much Focus on Problems Rather Than Solutions

A common problem in this world is placing all the blame on somebody else. While having a scapegoat can clear you of any wrongdoings, it's not actually solving anything. Instead of putting too much focus on the cause of your issue, why not think about what you can do to solve them? Is your real estate website not converting leads like you think it should? Work with your website provider to fix that. Are you not generating leads on Facebook? Instead of blaming the Facebook algorithm, you can learn about how it works and adjust your campaigns accordingly. (Or just hire an expert!)

2. Not Consistently Prospecting

In any sales industry, especially real estate, there is a need to continually refresh one's pipeline in order to have a regular stream of business. While relying on referral leads provides easier-to-convert cost-effective leads, they might not be produced with a reliable frequency. Be sure to have multiple sources for real estate leads - wether it is cold calling FSBOs, door knocking, prospecting on social media, or even paid ads.

3. Doing it Yourself

Doing it yourself is perfectly appropriate in many situations. However, there are plenty where you should ask yourself "Can somebody do this better than me?". Sometimes outsourcing talent that specializes in certain tasks can result in more business. Imagine designing your own logo, your own website, writing every individual email campaign, taking your own listing photos, maintaining facebook ads, and earning a pilot's license to fly a drone professionally. This scenario is possible, but it detracts time that should be devoted to serving your clients.

4. Being Scared of Technology

Certainly technology evolves faster than most of us can learn it. This isn't an excuse to not fully embrace it though. Especially now, that the majority of interactions in the real estate industry are done virtually - either through social media, email, or the phone. If technology isn't your strong suit, refer to item number 3: have an expert take care of it for you. This can either be your tech-savvy nephew, or somebody that does this for a living.

5. Believing You Don't Have Enough Time

Everybody is alotted the same amount of time in a day. This is where good time management skills come in handy. Being able to prioritize and outsource certain tasks can mean more time connecting with real estate leads that are further in their home buying or selling journey.


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