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How to Nurture Real Estate Leads to Fruition with Content Marketing

Posted by Zurple Marketing

May 15, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Along with complex decision-making processes and long sales cycles, lead generation is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of real estate marketing. There’s a common misconception that once a lead has successfully entered the sales funnel, business will immediately pick up.

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads to Fruition with Content Marketing

While capturing a ton of real estate leads is great, it’s only half the battle. Many aren’t ready to have those critical sales conversations right from the get-go. And by not engaging strategically with the right leads at the right time, you run the risk of losing potential sales opportunities. That’s why nurturing is so important.

When it comes to nurturing a real estate lead to conversion, there’s no better tool at your disposal than content marketing. Done right, content marketing is an effective way to provide real value to your prospects and ensure you stay top of mind. Here’s how to make the most of this strategic tool.

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads to Fruition with Content Marketing

Raise Awareness

For real estate leads that are still unfamiliar with your brand, providing educational resources is paramount. Whether it’s distributed in the form of an infographic or downladable eBook, the content should be written in a way that helps cultivate existing relationships and cater to your lead’s specific needs. These resources include:

  • Blog: Blogging gives you an opportunity to cover a wide variety of topics, from available properties to industry trends.
  • Newsletters: Many prospects will sign up for your newsletter because it’s an easy way to stay up-to-date with your business. So, make sure your sign-up form is prominent on every page of your website.
  • Market Guides: Your real estate leads don’t have time to sift through pages and pages of statistics. Present research on current real estate market conditions in a manner that’s easily digestible.
  • Social Media: Encourage your leads to follow you on social media and make sure that you only share news and information that’s relevant and appealing to your audience.

Identify Key Differentiators

At this point in the process, your real estate leads know you exist, but are still exploring other options. Now is the time to prove your worth by positioning yourself as the expert who can answer all of their questions and outperform competitors.

Reach out to your existing customers and ask if you can incorporate their positive feedback into your marketing campaign. Their testimonials will provide great insight into what it would be like to really work with you and boost your credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

Complete the Deal

Ultimately, your real estate leads are more likely to take action if they trust your credibility. Therefore, it’s important to continue tracking your efforts and nurturing that relationship from the initial stages to the completed deal. Sharing your knowledge and expertise through high-quality content will help position your real estate business as THE right choice, not just a viable option.

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