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Real Estate Newsletter Tips That Work

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Jul 28, 2016, 7:30:00 AM


Did you know that email has an ROI of 3800%? Sending email newsletters are a great way to connect with your current leads, past clients, prospective leads and colleagues in a relatively inexpensive way. Thanks to technology, newsletters can be sent digitally so that your target audience can receive important information at the tip of their fingers.

Here are 6 strategies that will help your newsletter go from zero to hero:

Strong subject lines

The subject of your real estate newsletter should grab your reader’s attention and give them a reason to open your email. It is also important to have a consistent subject line so that your readers know what to expect when they open your emails. Your newsletter will either be opened, or deleted based on your choice of subject line, so make it count!

Aesthetically pleasing

Your newsletter should be clean, clear and easy to look at. If you have too much going on, people are not going to take the time to read what you have to say. Let your leads know that your real estate newsletter is important to you by taking the time to make your newsletter aesthetically pleasing.

Good content

What is good real estate content? Good real estate content means that your newsletter recipients are going to take something valuable from the information you have provided them. This content can range from relevant market data to simple how-to tips. Your newsletter is a blank canvas for you to communicate information that will encourage engagement. With that said, your newsletter should remain short, sweet and to the point. You want people to click on the links provided in the body of the newsletter.

Calls to action

Always include at least one call to action in your newsletters. Calls to action are going to make people click on your links and drive engagement with your brand. Maybe you have a new blog on your website. Your call to action will tell people to check it out and link to your post.

Contact information

Provide your contact information in your newsletters. Your goal is to get people to engage with you and your real estate brand, right? Without your contact information that won't be possible for them without having to go research you. Make it as easy as possible for your leads to email you, call you, or engage with your website or social media pages. Your newsletter should be a one-stop-shop to all of your contact information.

Make it personal

Email messages that are personalized get on average 14% higher click through rates and a 10% higher conversion rate. Personalize as much as you can, but be careful not to overdo it. Simple things like adding your picture to your signature at the bottom of the email, or using the recipient’s name to greet them can go a long way to help your content be received.

Real estate newsletters are a great way to not only share useful information with your leads, but it is also a way to stay connected. It is important to have a clear strategy as to what you want to accomplish with your newsletter, otherwise success will be challenging. Apply these strategies and allow your real estate newsletter to take your business to the next level.

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