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28 Topics To Theme Your Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Victoria Deubler

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Feb 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Real Estate newsletters can be very effective in connecting and engaging with your lead database. Whether you send email or hardcopy newsletters it’s always important to give your readers valuable content, so they associate your name and brand with helpful information.

Since inboxes tend to flood with emails on a daily basis, newsletters should be unique and catchy. When creating newsletters you can use several tactics to make your message stand out, one of which is by theming your content or message. Here are some topics to help you brainstorm and get started!

Real Estate Newsletter Topics:

  1. 2016 Real Estate Trends to Be Aware Of
  2. Predicted Buyer Profiles of 2016
  3. Predicted Mortgage Rate Trends for 2016
  4. Real Estate Scams to Be Cautious Of
  5. Safety Tips for Homeowners
  6. When is the right time to Sell or Buy?
  7. Latest Trends in New Construction
  8. Local Real Estate Trends (TIP: Tailor your content to the local market to provide relevance)
  9. Local Community Events
  10. DIY Design Tips to Update Your Home
  11. Fix It Tips For Small Projects Around the House
  12. DIY Tips for Landscaping Your Backyard
  13. Best Practices for Keeping Your Home in Good Shape with Pets
  14. What to Look for When Shopping for a New Home
  15. First Time Buyer Advice
  16. Green Home Tips
  17. Selling Scams to Be Cautious Of
  18. Feature a Luxury Listing
  19. Interior Design Trends
  20. Moving Tips - recommend any companies?
  21. Home Staging Trends
  22. Common Selling Questions and Answers
  23. Top Reasons to Move
  24. Open House Advice
  25. What to Look for in a Seller’s Agent
  26. How to Increase the Value of Your Home
  27. Seasonal Tips for Selling a Property
  28. Holiday/Season Inspired

Pro tip: Try creating your newsletter as a real estate infographic. Readers are drawn to images over text, keeping them engaged longer!


Whether you’re informing leads about real estate trends, DIY tips or buyer and seller insights make sure to provide compelling newsletter content (like these!) that your readers will find valuable.

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