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The Quick Overview to Calling Online Real Estate Leads

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Sep 12, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Maybe door knocking isn't your thing? What about leads that expressed their interest on your website? How do you go about converting these leads, especially if they aren't answering their phones?

The Guide to Calling Online Leads

Here is the Quick Guide to Calling Online Real Estate Leads

Should Phone Numbers Be Required?

Many agents will often dismiss online leads that don't leave a phone number as a bad lead. That is simply not the case, in fact there is no study that shows leads with phone numbers lead to higher close-rates. There are many studies that you can find online that demonstrate asking more questions of a website visitor will actually decrease the likelihood they will complete a lead capture form.

Phone numbers should be optional, as not every lead will be ready to talk right away. They can still be nurtured through email, and the relationship can be moved to a phone call when you get to the point with the lead. Don't rush a lead into making a buying decision within the first week of receiving the lead.

How Do You Leave a Voicemail That Converts?

Since people are unlikely to answer a phone call from a number they don't recognize, chances are you'll need to fashion a voicemail script that will increase your chances of getting a call back - or at least not losing that lead to another agent. Always personalize the voicemail, and leave a call to action at the end to visit your website or call you back.

"Hey John, This is Max from Generic Realty. I saw that you were interested in homes in X Neighborhood, give me a call if you had any questions - or you can visit my website and you can easily find all homes available in X Neighborhood. Talk to you soon!"

What Do You Do if They are Unresponsive?

Some leads will simply be unresponsive, but that doesn't mean you should give up. This means you need to re-evaluate where they are in the buying process. Somebody filling out a lead capture form is only a statement of interest, not an intent to buy. This means they are indeed interested in buying or selling real state, but just not at this time. At this point you need to give them some time, and some space to do their own research while you regularly follow up. The best way to maintain regular follow up is through intelligent automation.

What if Phone Calls Don't Work?

Phones are only one medium in a world of choices. You can use email to continue to send your leads information on listings based on their search criteria. You can use social media to scale your engagement, and share real estate news on a daily basis. And you can also always try the handy dandy text message. Some people will be more likely to respond to a text message instead of a phone call!

We put together a comprehensive guide filled with stats and sources on calling your online leads!

Click Below to Download the Guide to Calling Online Leads

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