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8 Real Estate Closing Gifts That Return Your Investment

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jul 30, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Closing real estate deals is fun right? Of course it is! You should extend your excitement of a job well done with a token of appreciation for your clients.

Real Estate Closing Gifts That Return Your Investment

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas you can give to your clients:

1. Puzzle of Their Home

Remember that professional listing photographer you paid for? Why not repurpose that beautiful listing photo into a puzzle that can be framed when completed. If they plan to live in the home for 10+ years, it is a nice memento to see how times have changed. It can also be passed down to whoever the next homeowner is.

2. Smart Thermostat

A great way to always be remembered is to give your clients something that integrates into their everyday life, for example, a smart thermostat. Smart devices can improve the value of a home, so this not only adds convenience to your clients' lives - but it also might give you a bigger paycheck if they decide to sell their home in future. (with YOU as their agent, of course)

3. Gift Card to a Nearby Restaurant

With you as the neighborhood expert, you know the best places nearby that are of interest. A gift card to a restaurant nearby is just the push your clients will need to go out and explore their new neighborhood! Bonus points if you buy gift cards in bulk and build a relationship with said restaurant. It's a great way to earn referral leads, and perhaps a venue to display some of your advertising.

4. Appointment with an Interior Designer

While the home is still empty, you can bring in an artist to see what they can do with a blank canvas. Great interior designers can transform a space into a true reflection of your client's individuality. What is amazing is by referring clients to an Interior Designer, they can return the favor and send referral leads to you.

5. Smart Doorbell

Want to instantly increase your client's investment after they purchase it? Improve their curb appeal by supplying smart technology into the front of their home! They'll always think of you whenever they have a visitor or receive a package.

6. Amazon Prime Subscription

Speaking of packages - why not gift an amazon prime subscription? They'll inevitably need to buy a few new things for their new home. The free shipping for a year will pay for itself. By the time the subscription runs out they'll remember you - and you can call a year after their membership started to offer to renew their subscription and ask for referrals!

7. Barkbox Subscription

Plenty of people will recieve gifts for themselves, but it is remarkly memorable when somebody gives a gift to their furry family member. Imagine getting them a dog house that looks like the house they just bought. They will instantly become your client for life. A less expensive option is to get a barkbox subscription. It's a monthly reminder of the good service you provided, and how much you really listened to their needs.

8. Donation to a Charity of Their Choice

Being a philanthropic real estate agent that actively gives back to the community they operate in is positive branding for your business. Letting your client choose the charity will help you get to know your client a bit more. Not only that, it allows you to get to know the charity more for future collaborations. It's win-win-win for all parties involved in this closing gift.

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