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How to Set Up Facebook Instant Replies to Convert Real Estate Leads

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Oct 15, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Did you know that it is a really simple process to convert a Facebook follower into a real estate lead? Being able to generate business from a Facebook page is an equation that agents are always trying to crack. If you read further, we provide you with some information that not many agents know about. 

How to Set Up a Facebook Autoresponse That Converts Real Estate Leads

Automating Facebook Messenger to Feed You Leads:

It is a well-kept secret that Facebook provides a multitude of tools for real estate agents using their business platform. One of the most important tools is Automated Responses. You can use this feature to qualify buyer leads, learn more about seller leads, and generate referrals. 

How to Set Up Messenger Automation:

  1. Visit Your Facebook Business Page on a desktop computer
  2. Click the "Inbox" tab near the top of your page
  3. Select "Automated Responses"
  4. Turn "Custom Questions" On
  5. Click on "Custom Questions"
  6. Click "Edit"
  7. Click "+ Add a Question"
  8. Add a question to suggest to your fan
  9. Add an Auto Response

After completing this set up, anybody who tries to send you a message will be given automatic suggestions for frequently asked questions along with a response. This can be leveraged for providing excellent service that leaves a good impression in your prospect's mind.

Suggested Questions and Responses

Below are some example questions, along with their responses, that you can use to convert fans to real estate leads.

Question: What homes are available?

Answer with: Hi {FIRST NAME}, there are plenty of homes available. You can start your home search by visiting my website: www.yourdomain.com

Question: How much is my house worth?

Answer with: Hi {FIRST NAME}, great question. I need to know a little more, what is the address of the property?

Question: I have a real estate question.

Answer with: Hi {FIRST NAME}, thank you for your question. I will get back to your shortly, but in the meantime you might be able to find the answer on my website: www.yourdomain.com.

Why leverage automation?

Being a real estate agent can be very time intensive. Be sure that you have enough time to perform your duties as an agent and still be able to maintain a healthy personal life. By utilizing automation for Facebook and Email, you can free up your time and focus on more important aspects of your business.

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