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Making the Transition into Luxury Real Estate

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

May 9, 2019 8:46:32 AM

One of those most frequently asked questions by real estate agents is "How do I transition into luxury real estate?". You'd be surprised by how simple the answer actually is.
Making the Transition into Luxury Real Estate

Making the Transition into Luxury Real Estate

Explaining how to become a luxury real estate agent is simple. The work that it takes to get there is not. Additionally, if there is no luxury market in your area you may need to move to a new area in order to capture those specific listings.

Reach Out to a Top Performing Agent

Sounds like advice for new agents, right? Seeking guidance from a top performing agent or agent that specializes in luxury property can offer you valuable insight into dealing with higher end clientele.

Consistency in Branding

Your marketing materials and your online presence should match how you carry yourself in real life. Higher end listings are earned through the relationships you build, rather than online inquiries. It is important to maintain 100% authenticity through all your interactions so your potential luxury real estate clients will feel comfortable with trusting you.

Understanding Your Audience

Luxury real estate listings will usually stay longer on the market than your average listing. If you thought the average home buyer spent a lot of time researching, then you should not be surprised when a home buyer looking for a high priced property does the same. Understanding the home journey of a luxury buyer is essential when it comes to guiding them through the road to a transaction. 


As stated before, a luxury real estate business is built on the relationships you cultivate with the right people. In order to connect with the right people, you may want to join clubs, groups, or circles where your ideal client is likely to spend their time. If you have nobody to introduce yourself to these places, Facebook groups that have regular opportunities for face-to-face contact and using LinkedIn to connect with specific industries is a great place to start.

Have the Right Resources

Just like regular buyers and sellers, providing the right resources can make the buying or selling process much easier. Knowing the right lenders, landscapers, construction people, etc can ensure your clients that you can provide optimal service for their needs. If you network with the right vendors, they can also introduce you to new contacts that can lead you to the luxury market.

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