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6 Tips Seasoned Real Estate Agents Can Learn from the New School

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Nov 7, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Is it that younger, savvier agent new to your area, but somehow handling more real estate volume than you? For better or worse, the internet and social media has balance the real estate lead generation game. We've compiled a list of tips veteran agents can use to adapt to this new age of real estate marketing. 

5 Tips Seasoned Real Estate Agents Can Learn from the New SchoolLessons from New Age Real Estate Agents:

1. Find Leads Through Social Media

Social media has become an essential piece of your real estate business with millennials as the largest demographic for the homebuying market. Make sure you are working your audience’s platform of choice. Many older millennials are on Facebook, and most people can now be found on Instagram.

2. Make Videos

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video must say a million. Uploading videos of a listing to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube will increase lead engagement and chances of conversion. You can build real relationships with real estate prospects by posting videos answering commonly asked questions.

3. Be Found Online

Are you using Zillow and Realtor.com for each of your listings? Can past clients leave you testimonials on Yelp? Do you have a blog or YouTube channel? With over 90% of homebuyers going to the internet first, you need to be online to stay competitive. Even your referrals are starting their research online, and might be contacted by another agent before you can sign a contract.

4. Capture Leads Through Search Engine Marketing Services

When leads enter “homes for sale in ______” into their browser’s search bar, does your name appear anywhere? Purchasing that top of the page ad space is a great way to get noticed. Local SEO is especially important for Real Estate. You can travel far to eat at a restaurant or get a haircut, but not to find a Real Estate agent who serves your area. Worried you may go over budget with Google ads? Zurple takes the guesswork out of PPC ads. Request a Zurple Demo Today.

5. Blog Regularly

Blogging is not as difficult and time consuming as many think (trust me I’m doing it right now!). Posts don’t even have to be solely about real estate, but can include home improvement projects, local events, sports, or recipes. Google ranks sites with external links and valuable content higher.

6. Include Social Media Icons in Your Email Signature

I’ll let you in on a millennial secret, we love stalking people! When considering a salon, local restaurant, or other service oriented business, I often look at that business’ social media profile, hashtags, and posts from other customers. Including social media icons in your email signature will make you it easier for leads to get to know you.

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