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125 Real Estate Blog Topic Ideas for Agents & Brokers

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Aug 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

real-estate-blog-topic-ideasWriter’s block stinks! Make it go away with this great topic list, relevant to any agent or broker who wants to grow their real estate blogging efforts. This is a long list, so let’s get right to it! 

125 Real Estate Blog Topic Ideas for Agents & Brokers:

About Your City:
  1. Overview of current real estate landscape & what it means to buyers and sellers
  2. Cost of living analysis broken down by category (groceries, entertainment, housing, etc.)
  3. Industry snapshot; overview of prominent work opportunities
  4. Things every commuter needs to know about traffic in your city
  5. Past, present and future real estate market trends
  6. 5 excellent restaurants locals love
  7. Best family-friendly neighborhoods and their perks
  8. List of little-known neighborhood gems (bars, restaurants, shops)
  9. Unique independently owned businesses that are worth a visit
  10. Review of well-known community event(s)
  11. Details on networking opportunities
  12. List of top 10 things people considering moving to your city should check out
  13. Overview of schools in your area – info on and links to each (breakdown by level)
  14. Information on common architecture types (with photos)
  15. Feature on popular outdoor activities (parks, beaches, pools, bike trails, etc.)
  16. List of all the museums and galleries in your area
  17. Unique elements of different neighborhoods in your town
  18. Best companies to work for in the area
  19. Best movers / lenders / agents in your area (include testimonials!)
  20. List of resources that provide more info on the area
  21. Interview clients who moved to your town on why they love it
  22. Highlight local public service resources (libraries, community centers, etc)
  23. Write about available volunteer opportunities
  24. Feature a day in the life of a high school or college student / business man or woman
  25. City vs. suburbs – pros and cons

For Buyers:

  1. Benefits of hiring a buyer’s agent
  2. How to find a high-quality real estate agent
  3. What makes you the best agent in your city
  4. A guide to mortgage rates (+ current market evaluation)
  5. First time homebuyer programs
  6. Understanding inspections
  7. Guidelines for first time buyers (what to expect)
  8. Information on exclusivity agreements and why (or why not) to sign them
  9. Benefits of buying vs. renting
  10. List of (& explanations of) tax deductions for homeowners
  11. Historical & current market values & how they impact buyers
  12. Relocation guide (how to plan, the best way to find a new home, etc.)
  13. Condos vs. townhomes vs. single family homes (pros and cons, appreciation rates, etc.)
  14. Tips for first time home shoppers (focus on things you can’t change vs. cosmetics)
  15. Appreciation rates by property type in your area
  16. Step-by-step guide on pre-approval (be sure to list your preferred lender)
  17. Information on various loan types (FHA, traditional, VA, etc.)
  18. 10 things no one ever told you about shopping for a home
  19. Understanding architecture; a guide to your city
  20. Real estate lingo buyers need to know (conveys with sale, MLS, pending, etc.)
  21. Homeowner’s insurance 101 (cost, options, local considerations - e.g. fire or tornado risk)
  22. A guide to HOAs – where the money goes and what HOA fees cover
  23. Things retired couples need to consider before buying a property
  24. Understanding credit scores and how the impact potential homebuyers
  25. Traditional sales vs. short sales vs. foreclosures
  26. Buying process steps and timeline
  27. Apps to simplify the house hunting process
  28. Biggest mistakes first time homebuyers make
  29. Benefits of a pre-approval
  30. How to manage stress during the house hunt
  31. List of things to tell your realtor at the beginning of the home shopping process
  32. List of documents you need for pre-approval
  33. Links to planning tools (mortgage calculator, home search site, etc.)
  34. Buyer testimonials
  35. Interview with a past client (buyer)
  36. Is it a good time to buy? (and who or why not)
  37. Types of properties in your area / details of each (SFH, twinhome, townhome, etc.)
  38. Location vs. space – tips on maximizing your budget
  39. Things young couples need to consider before buying a property
  40. Questions to take into account when deciding what area to move to
  41. Advice on how long you should own a starter home
  42. Rent vs. mortgage – similarities and differences
  43. What you can afford in your city ($100k will get…, 200k will get…, etc.)
  44. A guide to interest rates (history, current, future)
  45. How much impact should rising (or falling) prices have on your home search?
  46. How marriage impacts your home loan
  47. Things parents need to consider before buying a property
  48. How to stay organized during your house hunt
  49. Additional cost considerations for home shoppers (besides the mortgage payment)
  50. How to narrow down neighborhoods to consider during your house hunt

For Sellers:

  1. Benefits of hiring a listing agent
  2. How to prepare your home for sale
  3. Home upgrades that pay off in resale
  4. Inexpensive ways to upgrade your home prior to showing
  5. Staging tips for sellers
  6. How to determine your home's market value with a call to action for a personalized CMA
  7. Preparing for inspections
  8. Inconveniences of selling and how to deal with them
  9. Being prepared for negotiations after the home inspection
  10. Tips on how to help buyers envision their lives in your home
  11. Selling process timeline
  12. Pros and cons of giving buyers a price range
  13. How many homes to look at prior to putting in an offer
  14. Strategy behind making an offer
  15. Negotiation tactics for sellers
  16. How marriage impacts home ownership
  17. Tips for first-time home sellers
  18. How to create a stellar curb appeal
  19. Overview of your marketing strategies
  20. How to prioritize need vs. nice to have in your house hunt
  21. Top mistakes first time sellers make
  22. How to sell your own house – a guide (with a CTA to hire you for help!)
  23. Agent vs. FSBO – benefits of choosing an agent
  24. Understanding realtor fees and how they fit into the overall cost of selling
  25. How to choose the right seller’s agent (experience, location, sold homes, etc.)
  26. How to manage stress during the selling process
  27. How to handle a property sale after a divorce
  28. Tips to keep your real estate contract moving along
  29. Is it a good time to sell? (and why or why not)
  30. Potential roadblocks & how to deal with them
  31. Understanding CMAs – an overview
  32. How to spot market trends & what they mean to sellers
  33. Tips for or against “timing” the market
  34. Selling seasons and how the impact your home’s value
  35. How to estimate your home’s value
  36. What to fix and what to leave for the new owners
  37. How to sell an inherited property
  38. How to prepare to meet with a listing agent
  39. How to decide what to keep and what to sell with the property
  40. Advice on upgrading a home you eventually want to sell
  41. How to sell your home fast
  42. How to market your home to your personal network
  43. Things to ask your listing agent during your first meeting
  44. How to get the best price for your property
  45. Pros and cons of open houses
  46. Benefits of a pre-inspection home inspection
  47. Preparing for your home appraisal
  48. Common inspection requirements for your area
  49. What's public record when you sell a home?
  50. What to expect during escrow

  I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by this extensive list of blog topic ideas. Time to start writing!

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