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Zurple Launches Auto Listings: Low-Cost Social Media Lead Generation

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Jul 5, 2023 4:14:29 PM

Introducing Auto Listings, the best way to connect with potential sellers on social media!

Today marks an important day for all of us at Zurple because we’re announcing the release of Auto Listings—our new social media leads product that targets potential sellers with a free CMA offer. Combining Facebook’s extensive reach and powerful lead-capture tools with Zurple’s proven lead nurture capabilities, Auto Listings helps real estate agents automate client generation at a price they can afford.

Effortless Social Media Lead Generation

With Auto Listings, agents now have a quick, low-cost option for getting more potential sellers from their local market. And they can do it without having to perform any of the time-consuming work themselves.

Our team of digital advertising experts create, manage, and optimize compelling Facebook and Instagram ads on agents’ behalf. The system even nurtures the people who respond to the ads, automatically enrolling them in email and SMS campaigns designed to prompt further engagement.

Helping Agents Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Auto Listings simultaneously streamlines the lead generation process and increases the likelihood that agents will connect with potential sellers. Here’s how:

  • Our team of experts create ads offering a free home valuation. We’ll also send a CMA featuring your branding to every lead who requests one. We do the hard work for you so you  can devote their attention to high-priority tasks instead.


  • Auto Listings allows for city-specific ad targeting, which makes it easier for agents to get leads from their desired areas. Thousands of Facebook and Instagram users in your local market will see your Auto Listings ads every month! 


  • Zurple’s powerful lead engagement platform nurtures leads. After prospects provide their contact information, the Zurple system automatically enrolls them into a nurture program. The emails and texts we send include timely, valuable, relevant, and personalized messages designed to spark conversations.

As a result, Auto Listings enables agents to get the highest possible value from their ad spend and generate a steady flow of ready-to-connect leads. This increased efficiency translates to a higher ROI and ultimately a more profitable business.

From Lead Capture to Client Generation, Zurple Does It All

Zurple has been a leading provider of marketing automation tools since 2009, empowering thousands of real estate agents across North America to generate leads, expand their sphere, and build their personal brand. Recognized for our innovation and the value we provide to our customers, Zurple’s dedication to revolutionizing client generation has earned us accolades and partnerships with some of the most important brands in the industry, including The Close, The Balance, Agent Advice, and HousingWire. Auto Listings represents another milestone in Zurple’s commitment to finding ways to serve our clients.

Stop wasting time and money on low-performing lead generation strategies and start growing your business with Auto Listings today!


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