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Bad Advice You Hear from Other Real Estate Agents Online

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 9, 2020 8:00:05 AM

The internet is a great source for information. You can teach yourself new skills and uncover new knowledge for topics you care deeply about. The dark side of that though, is you need to sift through a lot of misinformation. This misinformation then gets amplified in an echo chamber by people who are trying to validate their bias. This is how fake news spreads, but it is also how bad advice is accepted by a mass population of people.

Bad Advice You Hear from Other Real Estate Agents Online

These are the Pieces of Advice You Should Avoid from Other Real Estate Agents Online

1. Make Your Own Website

Anybody can make a website. The hypothetical "13 year old nephew that can do it better" illustrates the perception some agents have about how easy it really is. Creating a website, and creating a real estate website that generates results are two different things. Companies like Zurple exist to alleviate your stress and provide the website for you. There is no reason to take your attention away from your real estate business to learn how to code the IDX data from your MLS to appear on your site and communicate with your email campaigns.

2. You Should Never Pay for Leads

Nothing is ever free. And while we agree you shouldn't pay for leads, that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend marketing dollars on Facebook or Google Ads. Or if you are not the most knowledgable in the subject of online ads, it would make sense to outsource that to a company that knows the ins and outs.

In a similar bad piece of advice, they will tell you to do ads yourself.  These are agents that took the time to learn how to monitor their own ads. Not every agent has that time though. So in this case, it might be best to hire a professional.

3. ______ Doesn't Work

There will always be another real estate agent that claims a certain product, technique, or company doesn't work. There will also be another agent that claims the exact opposite. Some agents will still fervently deny the viability of social media because getting face to face with their consumer is what they think is most effective. Then there are some agents that will say nobody wants to be bothered and will not pick up a phone or answer their door, so they get in front of them by being online. Agents will tell you it doesn't work, but what they really mean is that it doesn't work for them.

4. Internet Leads Stink

Most agents will agree that you must be online to stay in front of home buyers and sellers. However many agents will also tell you that most of their online leads are bad leads. This is advice you should never listen to. In one of Zurple's recent webinars many agents said they believe internet leads are only worth it if they transact within 28 days. However, with online leads just starting their home buying journey, you are capturing them at the top of the sales funnel. They have a few months of research left before they are ready to speak to an agent.

Understanding their journey is key to converting online real estate leads. Zurple's software is able to communicate with your leads effectively by understanding this journey and only using language appropriate to the stage they are in.

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