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6 Real Estaste Lead Conversion Tactics That Actually Work

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Sep 20, 2019 8:30:00 AM

You've been given a multitude of differentiating tips from your fellow agents that don't seem to provide consistent results. Some will tell you they have a script that converts. Some will reference their coaches. Those solutions certainly work for that individual agent, but what about solutions that work for EVERY agent?

6 Real Estaste Lead Conversion Tactics That Actually Work

Here are 6 Lead Conversion Tactics That WORK:

1. Diverisfy Your Marketing Efforts

Imagine you are an influencer who only has an Instagram profile, what happens if Instagram suddenly deletes your account? While this is an extreme comparison, you should expect many factors such to influence changes in your marketing efforts. Maybe phone calls aren't working for you? Or print materials yield a low return? You have other mediums available such as social media and email.

2. Be Available and Responsive

Real estate prospects are constantly being bombarded by other agents. Even those referral leads you received have been contacted by an agent. Many of them are already researching online before you even speak to them. A quick response time for emails, messages, and missed calls will keep you in good standing with these leads, making it easier to convert them.

3. Stop Using Drips

Do you like receiving generic emails? Nobody does! Drip email has one big flaw which will be touched upon in the next point. Bottom line is, an intelligent sentient being like a real estate lead can easily identify canned content. This makes it simpler for them to just skip the email entirely.

4. Be Relevant and Specific

Emails personalized to real estate leads are proven to convert higher. There is a more compelling reason to open an email titled "John, here are some 3-bedroom listings you might be interested in" versus an email titled "New listings in Denver". The reason why companies like Netflix thrive, is because they know how to personalize the experience. You should also be doing that with all your leads.

5. Provide Real Value

Give real estate prospects a valid reason why they should continue a conversation with you. Are you try to sell them with every interaction? Or are they getting something out of your communications? Be sure to give your leads a reason to want to read your emails. Nobody will open an email thinking "a sales email! sell me!", but plenty will open an email wondering "wait, how much IS my home worth?".

6. Listen to the Data

A great aspect of having your own website is that some websites will allow you to track lead behavior when they are on your site. Some CRMs will tell you the open and click rates of emails. Analyzing this data will allow you to learn what works and what needs improvement.

It's easy to generate real estate leads, as many companies do this or you can learn to do it yourself. However, lead conversion is the roadblock many agents face. With Zurple, our intelligent behavior-based nurturing workflows can identify where your prospects are in their buying or selling journey, then nurture them with natural conversation that warms thems up until they want to speak with an agent, meaning you.

Find out how Zurple will convert more leads for you:

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