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4 Simple Types of Online Content That Build Trust with Real Estate Leads

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Aug 21, 2019 8:30:00 AM

As a real estate professional, you’re always looking for new and creative ways to tell your brand’s story. These days, that story needs to be told across multiple mediums and platforms, mainly online, in order to encourage your leads to take action. In fact, 94 percent of millennials and 84 percent of baby boomers go online to find their future homes. That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to engage your real estate prospects in the digital space in a manner that translates to real-life business.

The Importance of Testimonials in Real Estate Marketing-1

How to Diversify Content to Build Trust with Your Real Estate Leads


With consumers reading less and less these days, infographics provide users with an easy way to consume data. Research statistics and data presented distilled through an infographic offer real estate leads considerable insight into the housing market. And since infographics are smaller files, they can be effortlessly shared on social media. Plus, they tend to stand out from the rest of your content as infographics are more graphic-forward.


Video marketing has a universal appeal, with landing pages that feature videos driving up conversion rates nearly 80 percent. If launching a YouTube channel seems daunting, you can just tease upcoming listings, upload property and neighborhood tours, and even post vlogs directly to your website. This will ensure that you have a variety of unique content to share on social media.


Before taking the initial step of contacting an agent, prospects and first-time buyers spend several months researching the market. During this investigation stage, you can provide real value to your leads by compiling all the necessary information into a webinar. A webinar is ideal for prospects who simply don’t have the time or capacity to attend a seminar in person. Webinars, in fact, are the second most popular type of content for generating leads.


When compared to the standard blog or newsletter, market reports and findings may not seem like the most appealing type content to include in your real estate lead generation plan. However, putting together monthly reports and even case studies will give your audience a realistic snapshot of the market and community, which helps facilitate the decision-making process.

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