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Top 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Nov 6, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Real estate marketing is all about promoting your brand as a credible real estate agent and securing more leads.  But, it can be difficult to develop original ideas day in and day out that help you achieve your goal of growing your business.  Sometimes, however, they way to combat marketing fatigue is by thinking outside the box and identifying new ways your primary marketing channels  can set you apart from the competition.

Top 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Real Estate Business

Top 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Real Estate Business

Make Your Website Your Storefront

Your website is the primary tool in your marketing arsenal. It not only has to be mobile-friendly, but it needs to highlight you and your key differentiators. This can be achieved through the use of high-quality imagery and well-crafter, relevant content.

Drive Website Traffic through Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns provide a powerful way to enhance your marketing strategy. The idea is to develop killer ad copy that directs users to a dedicated landing page or a single-property website with the listing you’re trying to market.

Revive the Lost Art of Cold Calling

New technology software has simplified the process for a real estate agent to cold call potential leads. For example, there are cloud-based services that will dial multiple numbers at a time, allowing you to make several hundred phone calls per hour. Plus, you won’t even have to worry about breaking any federal telemarketing rules since they’ll already be compliant.

Publish a Market Quiz on Your Site

These days, most people browsing the web are open to taking quizzes on just about any subject. Test your site visitors with a short, multiple-choice quiz on something that may be of interest to them, such as tidbits about the history of the neighborhood or fun facts about the city in which the property resides.

Create a Blog that Caters to Your Real Estate Clients

You always need to look for new ways to position yourself as a market expert in the field of real estate. Make sure to share content that makes users look forward to hearing from you—whether that means providing updates on current market trends or opinion pieces on furniture and architecture.

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