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Real Estate Mobile Marketing: A Definitive Guide

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Jul 24, 2019 8:30:00 AM

We are currently living in an era that calls for swift adaptation to ever-changing technology. Like most aspects of digital life, the transition from one device to another is accelerating at a rapid pace. These days, more and more consumers prefer using their smartphones as their main, and sometimes only, device for the majority of their communications for personal and professional use.

Real Estate Mobile Marketing - A Definitive Guide

Millennials in particular, as well as their successor generations, use their mobile phones for pretty much everything, opening the door for real estate agents to take advantage of a wealth of mobile marketing trends.

Real Estate Mobile Marketing: A Definitive Guide

Integrate Text Messaging Into Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to branding and building exposure, hand-held devices have changed the landscape considering how quickly we can send and receive information. That’s why text messaging has become a necessity for real estate agents, allowing sellers and REALTORS® alike to communicate hassle-free. And the best part is that it can be automated much like an e-mail drip campaign, which makes it an extremely powerful tool to stay top of mind with clients and prospects.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Many websites are not designed to work with smartphones the way they do on a computer. With mobile phone users spending a lot of time on their devices, it’s important for your real estate website to look presentable and function properly on a smaller screen. This means that you will need to either find a service that can develop a mobile version of your site for you or have an in-house web developer or designer make it “mobile friendly.”

Create a Mobile App for Your Website

Mobile apps are meant to effectively meet the needs of the modern buyer and often features content that facilitates the communication process. Via an app, prospects can schedule appointments, locate properties faster, and store their searches to find their ideal range, either for buying or renting. Mobile apps can also incorporate other elements like video, virtual reality tours, and even provide the option for customers to sign paperwork digitally.
With mobile phone dependency showing no signs of slowing down, real estate agents need to capitalize on these opportunities while they are still in their early stages.

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