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Embracing Automation in Isolation for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 23, 2020 10:42:45 AM

One day in the future humans may end up waging war against machines. Until that day comes, machines are bound to serve us and make our lives easier. There is much joy found in manual processes such as driving stick shift, developing film in a dark room, and listening to vinyl. However, there are plenty of reasons to leverage automation for your real estate business.

Embracing Automation in Isolation

Here are the Benefits to Automating Some Real Estate Tasks

Save Time

The number one luxury you can’t seem to afford is time. Time management can be tricky if you set your own schedules. What automation can do for you though, is take care of the monotonous tasks like sending new properties to your real estate leads. Some systems can even take out the time of searching for properties that match their criteria and do it for you!

Save Money

Time is money. For busy agents, it's worth hiring an assistant due to how busy they can get. With automation you can have the same benefits of hiring a real estate assistant, but without worrying about paying somebody else's salary.

Compete Against Big Brokerages and iBuyers

The benefit of being a big company is having the people power to handle a large worklaod. Being able to leverage automation will put you on a more equal footing. Automation will be able to handle the task of nurturing leads that aren't ready to talk to an agent yet. This means you can spend less time prospecting, and more time closing deals.

Less Outsourcing

Automation technically is outsourcing. If you are able to find good software, you don't need to hire multiple people while keeping track of each of their progress. Using automation it is less likey that you might get your wires crossed causing a real estate lead (and potential income) to fall through the cracks.

Nurture Leads

One of the most tedious tasks an agent needs to do is nurture leads. With the homebuyer journey taking almost a year, you need to be committed and consistent with your follow-up practices. Automation can take care of that hassle for you. With Zurple's Conversations, our intelligent automation will respond to your leads and nurture them based on their individual behavior - they'll think it is you maintaining good communication. 

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