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Connecting Online: Personalized Conversation + a Tech-Forward Approach

Posted by Brian Lim

Jun 16, 2020 7:17:04 AM

RISMedia Newsmakers Jack MarkhamCheck out the new article just published in RISMedia featuring our very own Jack Markham!

Connecting With Consumers: Personalized Conversations and a Tech-Forward Approach >>>

In this interview, Jack, General Manager of Zurple, Z57, and TorchX shares his insights on how agents should be utilizing technology to better serve consumers and grow their businesses. Through a series of questions, you'll learn:

  • Why a real estate website with a consumer focused experience is critical for agents who need to be found online by consumers.
  • How technology can give agents the time to have one-on-one interactions with their clients, even as those conversations are shifting to digital platforms.
  • That the solution to increased competition - not just from other agents but from technology disrupters like iBuyer companies - is to adopt systems that will get an agents into conversations with buyers and sellers. At the end of the day, real estate is still a people business!

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