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5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Oct 23, 2019 8:30:00 AM

The best user experience is often one that the user doesn’t notice. It involves making hundreds of critical decisions that easily guides the user to their goal by clearing the path, reducing any chances of cognitive overload. Here are five key steps to make your website design look great and work seamlessly.

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Make Sure Your Headlines are Compelling

Search engines typically place more value on headings over other any other type of content. In order for your headings to stand out and make your real estate website more searchable, be sure to choose only the most relevant keywords to attract the right readers.

Add Strong Calls to Action

To motivate users to take the steps needed to become a longtime customer, use simple, action-oriented, and time sensitive words. Users also tend to follow visual cues to identify which content they should pay more attention to. So, when establishing the tone you want to convey to users, choose a color that communicates the message of your real estate brand most accurately.

Be Strategic with Your White Space

According to research conducted by Human Factors International, using white space to emphasize important elements on a web page increased user comprehension by as much as 20 percent. It also directs their eyes to focus on what surrounds the text, making your content easier to read.

Use Images Wisely

While there are plenty of high-quality stock photos available, most users can spot bland, generic-looking stock imagery from a mile away. Authentic photos that clearly communicate your real estate brand’s image (and not someone else’s) are more likely to build credibility and trust. It’s also imperative to only place relevant photos in your web page and give users a visual break from larger blocks of content.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is a golden rule in web design. Abrupt changes from one page to another can make the user experience more challenging. To ensure your website design is smooth and engaging, there needs to be uniformity across all fronts. This includes font, spacing, color scheme, button styles, image quality, illustration styles, and everything in between. Taking these steps will guarantee that your real estate website will run without a hitch.

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