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Agent Insights - Organization or Procrastination - Which One Do You Adhere To?

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Oct 8, 2019 7:30:00 AM

In today's Agent Insights - Gayle Rich-Boxman - a Real Estate Agent with Vernonia Realty, shares how she overcomes procrastination and stays organized. 

Heres Gayle:

Agent Insights - Gayle

Donna Foerster recently wrote a post about trying something new that had been on her To Do list. She is creating some designs via Canva.com.

In my comment about it, I wrote:


Good for you for tackling a new way of designing. It can be daunting. My challenges this year have been/are dealing with new "equipment", a printer, a Smart phone and then a desktop computer. All big decisions. I started with the printer as I had TWO that didn't work, for different reasons. To me, we all have our strengths, something that comes easily to us, then other stuff that we shy away from because either we're not drawn to it naturally or we're afraid of it! Yup, when it comes to those uncomfortable things, I have a tendency to procrastinate".

Some thrive on the minutiae, delving into the inner-workings of hi-tech design, or building the perfect beast. Whatever that is to you, may not be to others! 

When I have a  new project to complete, buying equipment or even tackling a manual for something that I have to read to understand how it works, I find myself doing everything BUT getting to that because I'm not passionate about it. It feels mundane, dull, complicated; I feel stupid when I can't figure it out and it becomes frustrating and humbling to say the least. I also have a tendency to NOT read the manuals, but simply push buttons til I get what I want and then try to remember how the heck I got there so that I can repeat it!

If it's something creative, using my right-brain, then I can't WAIT to get started with it! I could spend HOURS editing photos to get just that right technique, coloring, sharpness and it's like playtime for me. Writing can be like that for me, too. Especially if it's a no-holds-barred type of blog. That always feels like my old journaling experience when I could just write how I felt at the moment, in the moment with no filtering. 

So what are two suggestions that I have used time and time again to overcome my procrastination?

1. I give myself a "carrot", a reward to aim for or to indulge in once I tackle the project that is weighing on me. Essentially it gives me something to look forward to after slogging through something I really don't like doing. 

Very simple, really. It works for kids, it works for adults. 

Eat your vegetables and you can have ice cream for dessert! 

Same concept. 

You have to figure out what your "dessert" is, and leave that as your reward at the end of your project. 

2. I also make a list. It's immediate gratification checking something off each time I've completed it! 

What are suggestions that you have that are tried-and-true to keep you organized, focused and whittling down your To Do list?

For the original post, and more from Gayle, visit her website https://fishhawklakerealtor.com/fishhawk-lake-homeowners-association-covenants-conditions-and-restrictions/

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