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How to Generate First Time Home Buyer Leads

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Sep 4, 2019 7:30:00 AM

As a real estate professional, you are constantly shifting gears and responding to the ever-changing needs of buyers. For first time home buyers in particular, purchasing a house, an apartment, or a condo can feel like a daunting task.How to Generate First Time Home Buyer Leads

While first time home buyers have always been a part of the real estate market, many agents don't always actively pursue them with the same vigor that they do other leads. However, over the course of the next few years, that's subject to change as first time home buyer leads are already starting to increase in value and in frequency. A skilled real estate agent can play a major role in guiding these potential home owners through the labyrinth that is a real estate transaction.

How to Generate First Time Home Buyer Leads

Answer Questions

When it comes to first time homeownership, there are a number of questions that potential buyers will inevitably ask their real estate agent. So, be sure to come prepared. In many cases, these leads will make a list of what they want in their future home, including size, neighborhood, school district, appliances, bedrooms, demographics, crime rates, and transportation options. You can even include infographics, videos, and blog articles on your website that will directly address their concerns. Zeroing in on answers to these questions will make for a much smoother journey moving forward.

Offer Guidance

During the home buying process, the real estate agent’s main role is to offer direction and expertise. After all, there are many financial responsibilities that your potential leads may not be fully aware of. A successful agent will be able to break down exactly what those financial obligations are and simplify this process, ensuring that home buyers will be able to afford all the costs of owning their new home.

Solve Problems

Arm yourself with as much information as possible from the get-go. That way, when your potential home buyers approach you with an issue, you’re already anticipating the problems before they arise. Your leads will look to you for answers, and if you can avoid pitfalls and problem-solve in case you do have any setbacks, you will gain both their confidence and their business.

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