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5 Habits Shared by Successful Real Estate Agents

Posted by Zurple Marketing

Aug 28, 2019 8:30:00 AM

With nearly two million real estate licensees in the United States, it’s safe to say that real estate is a highly competitive industry. And to build a profitable career, you need to stand out from the crowd.
5 Habits Shared by Successful Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, the habits you create can make or break your long-term success. Only by cultivating a sensible routine can you unlock your true potential.

5 Habits Shared by Successful Real Estate Agents

Schedule Your Priorities

The most proactive real estate professioanls understand the real value of their time. Blocking out your schedule to make time for specific activities helps you maintain a pattern for staying on track without feeling overwhelmed. For example, some agents will allocate certain hours in the afternoon to showings and listing appointments, leaving their mornings open for following up with leads.

Become an Expert on Your Neighborhoods

The real estate business is largely local, so keeping yourself consistently up-to-date with the overall status of the neighborhood and its market is crucial. Prospective clients expect you to know housing and demographic data off the top of your head, as well as information pertaining to county politics and events.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Top-performing agents typically take personal responsibility for the satisfaction of their clients. Converting leads, reviewing offers, negotiating deals, and closing out transactions all rely on timely communication, which means quickly returning calls, emails, and texts from customers. Making a habit of responding as fast as possible gives people the impression that their needs are being taken seriously.

Grow Your Digital Presence

A great way to make yourself more available to clients is to harness the power of technology. Accomplished real estate professionals know how much relevant, engaging content on their site and on their social media channels provides their business. They also continually monitor and measure the results of these efforts so that they can determine their next course of action.

Set Goals and Follow Through

Wishful thinking doesn’t sell properties. That’s why it’s important to set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals to keep yourself accountable and ensure your continued professional growth. Without these incremental milestones, you may lose focus on the bigger picture.

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