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Top 5 Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

Posted by Zurple Marketing

May 1, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Every real estate business invests in marketing tools with the same goal in mind—to actively promote their brand, build interest, and generate quality leads. Leads are the driving force behind your business and generating them is no passive endeavor. In fact, it’s a critical component of your business that demands vigilant attention. And in order to grow your customer base, you can’t fall prey to the various lead generation myths circulating in the industry today.

Top 5 Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

Here are Some of the Top Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

1. Lead Generation is a Feature

A common misconception about generating real estate leads is the idea that lead generation is a technology tool or add-on that you can purchase and implement right away. In actuality, lead generation describes the marketing process of attracting and converting prospective buyers into legitimate leads with a vested interest in your product or service.

2. All Leads are Created Equal

While the real estate industry is teeming with talk about lead generation, the concept is often misunderstood. Keep in mind that not every person who shows interest in what you’re selling can be considered a lead. You need to establish a system that can accurately distinguish a “hot” lead from a “lukewarm” one.

3. Lead Generation is a Numbers Game

Contrary to popular belief, you want to aim for quality over quantity when it comes to generating real estate leads. If your objective is to develop a relationship based on trust with your clients, then starting from a position of random selection is counterproductive. While some of your leads will eventually become buyers, the majority are not going to pan out. Direct your marketing efforts around turning your rapport into trust, experience, and expertise.

4. Leads will Appear if you Build a Website

Building a website does not automatically ensure that it will attract visitors. Take the time to understand your ideal customer and what it is that would compel them to visit your real estate website. Develop targeted marketing campaigns that will engage and attract contacts into a mutually beneficial relationship. Your website should operate along this same path, consistently evolving with content relevant to your target clients.

5. Social Media Doesn’t Produce Quality Leads

Although social media seems like it caters more towards “passersby,” it can be an ideal place to identify your target audience and nurture them into new leads. These days, social media platforms have a variety of audience targeting capabilities that help you actively track, manage, and nurture leads. But before you begin your lead generation efforts, make sure that you are choosing the right platform.

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