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Zurple Research Reveals How to Push Discovery-Stage Buyers and Sellers Into Consideration-Stage

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Aug 15, 2018 7:00:00 AM

As the final part of the Discovery-Stage Buyers & Sellers Study we’ll be revealing how to push online home buyers and sellers from the Discovery-Stage into the Consideration-Stage. As a quick recap Discovery-Stage real estate leads are those that are in the beginning stages of buying or selling their home. They’ve just begun their home search and are not yet serious about their move. Consideration-Stage real estate leads are those that actively searching for a home and ready to work with an agent. The Zurple Products Team spent hours analyzing the messaging that ultimately pushed millions of buyers and sellers out of the Discovery-Stage and into Consideration. Continue reading to learn what marketing moves a prospect down the sales funnel, specifically from the Discovery-Stage and into the Consideration-Stage.

Zurple Products Team Reveals How to Push Online Buyers & Sellers into Research-Stage

How to Push Discovery-Stage Buyers & Sellers into the Consideration-Stage

  1. Send What They Like–

    Send messages regarding properties leads have indicated their interest in, specifically recently viewed, frequently visited, and favorited properties. After leads have indicated their interest in a specific property on your real estate website, follow-up with updates regarding that property. These updates can include price changes and a change in the listing’s status. When leads are still in the Discovery-Stage of their home search, a specific property can motivate a lead to take their home search to the next level. A specific property, whether it was the lead’s dream home or sold at a price they believe their home will sell for, will motivate them to start searching for an agent. Sending updates on that one property will demonstrate to leads that you are an agent who knows what they’re looking for.
  2. Become Their Neighborhood Expert –

    After updating leads on specific properties they’ve indicated their interest in, provide updates on properties in the entire neighborhood. Provide school reports and other content specific to their desired neighborhood. The Zurple Products team has found that emails sending similar properties to those leads have indicated their interest in can push leads into the Consideration-Stage.
  3. Use Proper Messaging Format – 

    Many agents make the mistake of sending real estate leads lengthy drip emails with heavy text and graphics. The Zurple Products Team has unveiled three traits of emails that receive high conversion open and reply rates. 

    1. The Email Signature Looks Personalized-
      The Zurple Products Team has found that real estate leads prefer emails that look personalized to mass or generic marketing emails. Emails with informal sign-offs, such as a dash followed by the agent’s first name, receive higher response rates.

    2. The Email Contains Content Valuable to the Prospect-
      Research from the Zurple Products Team has shown that leads are more likely to respond to an email when it ends in a call-to-action to view real estate related content. Common examples of content real estate professionals use to convert leads to clients include home valuation reports, property viewings, and Comparative Market Analysis requests.

    3. Email Contains 5 Sentences or Less -
      Many agents make the mistake of sending lengthy drip emails with heavy text and graphics. The Products Team here at Zurple has also found that emails containing five sentences or less are correlated with higher click through rates.
      For more information on which characteristics top performing emails contain, check out Zurple’s blog, 4 Reasons Real Estate Leads Reply to Emails.
  4. Use a System that Leverages Lead Intelligence

    All of the above is otherwise impossible without a system that leverages lead intelligence. Lead intelligence software uses big data on millions of online home shoppers to decode and nurture buyer and seller leads. Zurple begins tracking leads online search history, including favorited properties, preferred properties, and frequently viewed properties. After collecting said data, Zurple then compares their search behavior to its archives on millions of other leads. As a forefront runner in lead intelligence, the Zurple Team released the 2018 Lead Intelligence Study to assist agents without access to Lead Intelligence software. To see how Zurple can help you to grow and improve your business in 2018, request a demo from one of team members in the link below –
    Request a Demo

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