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4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Emails Receive Replies

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

May 9, 2018 6:00:00 AM

In today's online world, consumers have grown accustomed to generic drip email campaigns. In fact, 86% of the world's email traffic is considered junk mail, according to Bloomberg Technology. With so much spam circulating the web, chances are real estate leads will accumulate a significant sum of spam when conducting their online home search. Real Estate agents will need intelligent, personalized emails to stand out in lead's inboxes. Zurple, the real estate industry's leading email automation platform, researched emails sent to buyer and seller leads in 2017.1 Of those emails, those with high response rates shared four similarities. Below we’ve uncovered what those four similarities are. 

4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Emails Are Recieving Replies

4 Reasons Real Estate Leads Reply to Emails

  1. The Sign-off Looks Personalized

    Real estate leads prefer emails that are personalized and tailored to them. Zurple has found that emails with informal sign-offs, such as a dash followed by the agent's informal name, receive more higher reply rates than emails with a formal, drip-like sign-off. Even when the email is sent to a mass or small amount of contacts, a simplistic sign-off correlates with a higher reply rate. 
  2. The Email Contains 5 Sentences or Less

    Zurple research has shown emails with fewer sentences receive higher reply rates. In addition, these sentences are short and sweet. If an email paragraph contains five long, daunting sentences, chances are the reader will not read it, nor will they reply.  
  3. The Email Contains a Call-To-Action

    A call-to-action (CTA) is a marketing term used to describe content that induces the reader to perform a specific act. Common CTAs real estate agents use include CMA requests, home valuation reports, and to schedule a viewing of a property. Research has also shown that leads are more likely to respond to emails when the email ends with a CTA. Examples from these emails include, "Is there a price point are you looking to list your home?" and "Can I schedule a walk-through for next Tuesday?" When an email is informational and does not include a question or action from it’s audience, the audience will do exactly what they're told – nothing.
  4. The Message Relates Back to their Home Search

    Emails encourage a response when the content relates back to the buyer or seller's specific search criteria and browsing history. Zurple email content varies, but examples include suggestions of specific properties similar to the properties the lead has viewed frequently or favorited, or a request for a listing presentation. Data taken from Zurple's platform show leads reply to emails when the body of the email mentions listings or other content specific to their home search. Agents will need a system capable of crafting personalized emails for every single lead. It is otherwise time consuming to review each lead’s online home search history then craft personalized emails accordingly.

Upon lead capture Zurple begins tracking lead’s online home search history. Zurple then compares each lead’s profile to millions of other real estate leads to craft emails that will induce a response. This email content varies, but examples include specific properties the lead has viewed frequently or favorited, or a request for a listing appointment. Zurple lead intelligence software knows what consumer lifecycle stage the lead is within and responds accordingly. Using the above data, Zurple has created emails that are proven to prompt leads to respond. To see how Zurple’s intelligent, follow-up software works, schedule an appointment with one of our Account Executives in the link below -

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1. Data Compiled and Analyzed By Zurple

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