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Generate More Leads With Facebook For Realtors

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Sep 1, 2016 11:05:47 AM


Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools that we have ever come across. As a real estate agent, generating leads is vital in order to get business. While referrals are great, social media marketing for real estate agents has become the bread and butter of business. There are 1.7 billion users on Facebook. How many of them can you turn into clients?

Here are 6 ways to generate more real estate leads through Facebook marketing:

Why should anyone become your fan?

Give people a reason to become your Facebook fan. There are plenty of real estate agents that are marketing their business on Facebook. What makes you special? The key to making your real estate Facebook Business page worthy of following is publishing content that is going to provide your fans with useful information. You want your fans to see you, as a real estate agent, know what you’re talking about. An “influencer,” so to speak. If you aren’t providing your fans with content that is going to help in one way or another, then it is unlikely that you will be able to get any useful information from these people.  


Target the demographic that your desired clientele would be in. Are you farming in a community that is known for having lavish homes? Perhaps target income. Maybe you are farming in an area that is developing and seems to have a large number of young couples or millennials. Try targeting age. Targeting posts to your desired market will help your content surface to viewers more likely to find it useful i. Rather than trying to impress all of Facebook, focus on the potential leads that you can generate from your Facebook Business page.  


Finding success while marketing your real estate business on Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, requires you to engage with your fans. Regardless of if they are engaging with you first, you want to let fans know that they are heard. Try commenting on some of their posts and spark a conversation. Ask your fans questions to get them engaging with you and your other fans. If you aren’t engaging with your fans, why should they go out of their way to engage with you? Engaging with your fans also helps give your business a more personal feel - like there really is someone who cares behind that computer.


Facebook posts that contain pictures perform better than post that only have text or a link. Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook newsfeed and picked what you read based on the picture that is attached? I sure do. Providing a picture is a great way to catch your fans attention and get them interested in what you have to say.


Who doesn't love a chance to win something? Facebook contests are a great way to get information from potential clients by providing them with some incentive. Shutterfly, for example, allows you to purchase swag made for your company and your brand at relatively inexpensive costs. Try running a Facebook contest and see how many leads you can generate!


Just like when you are buying or selling a home, timing is critical. To maximize lead generation on social media it is important to experiment with the timing of your posts. Maybe your fans are not online at the time that you usually post which is causing engagement to be low. Try switching it up until you find your peak time to post. Maybe your fans are most active on social media between 7-8am, 12-1pm, and 6-7pm. This is going to be a lot of trial and error, and each day of the week may slightly vary, but knowing when you are able to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts to generate leads will greatly impact your business for the better.

Facebook for realtors can really help take your business to the next level. Because of Facebook’s popularity and the ability to target your audience, it is a great marketing tool to help you generate leads. Real estate is an incredibly competitive industry, which means that you need to be taking advantage of every marketing opportunity possible in order to get the most out of your leads. If Facebook isn’t part of your marketing strategy, it should be.

Are you struggling to generate leads? Let us help you! 

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