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How Real Estate Agents Can Stay Social, but Keep Their Distance

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 2, 2020 8:57:00 AM

DID YOU KNOW that buying and selling real estate is still considered an essential service? Despite that some buyers and sellers might be hesitant to make any movement down their journey to home ownership or home selling. Real estate is still the business of maintaining relationships, and here is how you can do that while keeping your distance.

How Real Estate Agents Can Stay Social, but Keep Their Distance

How to Stay Social, and Keep Your Distance

1. Leverage Video Calls

Phone calls are now more important than ever. Don't forget about the built-in video chat features on iPhones, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram! You can video conference a lead while you are alone at the listing to give them a personal tour of the property.

2. Maintain Regular Communication

Some of your real estate leads might not want to talk on the phone, and that's okay. You can slide into their inbox on their favorite social media platform to check in and see how they are doing. Personal emails are important as well. Know where your lead is in their journey and send appropriate emails. It might also be worth sending them listings that are new to the market, considering that interest rates are remarkably low.

3. Organize Your Database While Checking In

We are sure you have built a huge list of contacts during your career. With a little extra time, perhaps you can work your way through your list and send check-in messages or calls. At the same time, you can identify which leads are warm and which leads will need more time. If you use a platform like Zurple, we can tell you which leads are at what stage based on their behavior.

4. Ramp Up Social Media

More people are on social media currently. It is ripe for growing your stagnant real estate Facebook page or Instagram profile. Perhaps, even getting your YouTube channel up and running is finally an acheivable goal. While phone calls and messages are good for 1-on-1 relationship building, you still need to grow an audience so you can build your online reputation.

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