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Royalty Free Stock Video Sites for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Oct 24, 2019 8:30:00 AM

The best way to capture a real estate lead's attention on Facebook is through video content. Videos are like the shiny butterflies of social media, in the sense they will capture a user’s attention and cause them to stop scrolling. Photos can be glanced at, and status updates can be skimmed, but videos demand the viewer’s full attention. These are the videos that will captivate your audience and leave a memorable impression.

Royalty Free Stock Video Sites for Real Estate Agents

Visual content is what reigns supreme in the chaotic internet landscape. A user can scroll through their social media feeds and skip past 50 posts before stopping their scroll and reading a post that interests them personally. As a real estate agent, it might be difficult to gain the attention of the average user with your content. This is why video content is so important in social media marketing.

Where to Get FREE Video?

  1. pixabay.com/videos
  2. stockfootageforfree.com
  3. clipstill.com
  4. pexels.com/videos
  5. videezy.com

How Should Real Estate Agents Leverage Stock Video?

1. Instagram Post

Most people will post a still photo to Instagram, and leave a caption. Instead of a still photo, post a stock video and leave a captivating description that will engage your audience. 

2. Facebook Ad

Since video has a strong ability to stop somebody's scroll, why not use a video in Facebook ad to draw the attention of your target audience? Using these stock video sites you can craft the perfect video to attract seller leads.

3. Information Pages on Your Real Estate Website

If you are making an "About" video to describe yourself, your services, your target neighborhoods - you can utilize free professional videos. Although, we still think it's best to hire a professional you can still cut together a short video for your site.

4. B-Roll for YouTube Videos

B-Roll are video clips that help establish a video's main body (like a moving shot from the front of the walkway towards the front door). They can also be used to help transition from one point in the "story" to the next. Shooting B-roll is an art, so if you can find pre-created shots your video can look so much more professional.

Want a FREE video to share on your Facebook? Click below!

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