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Navigating Today's Political Climate on Social Media as a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Oct 15, 2020 9:56:37 AM

Woooo - to say the world has changed would be an understatement. Things that should not be a polarizing issue have had a clear line drawn between them. You want to join in on the conversation because you have strong feelings, but how do you go about doing it without getting "cancelled"? Here are some good practices to follow when it comes to posting on social media as a real estate agent.

Navigating Todays Political Climate on Social Media as a Real Estate Agent

Navigating Today's Political Climate as a Real Estate Agent

Acknowledge It's Okay to Pick a Side

Throughout American history, there have always been two sides to every argument. It is okay to take a stance on a subject. Just remember, it is also okay for others to take the opposite stance. Everybody deserves an opinion. This is important to understand before you decide to engage in online conversation with strangers - especially strangers that may be potential real estate prospects.

Assess If You Should Engage in Discourse

There is potential that some consumers may not work with an agent who shares a political stance that differs from their own. This directly affects your business. It can have a negative and positive impact on your business. You might lose out on working with some clients, but the ones you do work with can refer you to others with similar stances thus growing your network of possible leads.

Stay Away From Extreme Opinions

The best way to do this is to have an understanding of why the other side may believe differently than you. This goes beyong understanding the wants and needs of homebuyers, it helps you understand them as people - which can go a long way in making you the memorable real estate agent. Being able to understand their perspective will help you bring compassion in a world that seems to be void of it. Treat them as indivduals and avoid generalizing groups with labels such as "dems" or "republicans" - as each individual within each group might have differing levels of opinion.

Don't Share Political Memes

Authenticity in your online persona is very important. This isn't best done through images other people have photoshopped. That, and sharing political memes is a troubling way to unintentionally spread misinformation. Instead, share your thoughts through a well worded post that you wrote yourself. Include your reasonings behind what you are posting - and be prepared to converse with people that might disagree.

Consider Keeping Your Political Stance Part of Your Private Life

There are certain things we don't share on social media in general. Staying neutral online can also be a benefit to your business. It's a messy tangled web filled with fragile egos and sensitive topics. It might be best to keep that beast in its cage, and not comment on it at all.

Or you can just stick to community and real estate related topics to engage your real estate leads. There is no right or wrong answer. Use your best judgement, and do what's best for your business.

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