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21 Real Estate Facebook Groups for Lead Generation & Advice

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

May 7, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Are you leveraging Facebook for your Real Estate business? Facebook groups are an agent’s watering hole for Real Estate leads. Many prospective buyers and sellers seek out the advice of others before online. Agents can use the world’s number one social media platform not only for lead generation, but also advice. Use these groups below to grow your Real Estate knowledge and customer base.
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Join these 21 Real Estate Facebook groups for lead generation & advice

Facebook Groups with Buyer & Seller Leads

Buy, sell, rent your dream home (Closed Group)

DIY Home Improvement Projects (Closed Group)

Home Improvement (Public Group)

Credit Secret (Closed Group)

Holidays at Home (Closed Group)

Flipping Houses Like a Ninja(Closed Group)

(Insert City of State) Buy Rent Sell (Ex: Buy Rent Sell San Diego, Los Angeles Rent/Buy/Sell/ a Room/Apartment/house/home/condos/property)

(Insert City or State) Real Estate Investment (Ex: DFW Real Estate Investment, California Real Estate Investment Professionals)

Credit Steppers(Closed Group)

First-Time Home Buyers (Insert Your City or State) (Ex: Houston First Time Home Buyers, Florida Panhandle First Time Home Buyers Group)

For Advice From Other Real Estate Professionals

LabCoat Agent (Closed Group)

Real Estate Rockstar Agents (Closed Group)

Real Closers(Closed Group)

Facebook Marketing for Realtors

Real Estate Agents and Friends Networking Group (Closed Group)

Real Estate Agents Who Want Results (Closed Group)

WhatsUp for Real Estate Resale(Agents & Brokers) (Closed Group)

Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents

FSBO/Expired/Withdrawn/Preforeclosure Mastermind group

Real Estate Lead Generation

Foreclosure Investors

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