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25 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 9, 2020 8:23:29 AM

Lights - Camera - Action! Today's article is a simple one. We give you 25 ideas to give your on-camera personality some inspiration. We have also included a free download of our Guide to Online Video for Real Estate Agents. We discuss video editing, video platforms, camera options, and everything you need to get started.

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Here are 25 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents:

About You

  1. Introduce yourself to your leads
  2. Explain any specialties or niche markets you focus on
  3. Reveal 3 traits that help you stand out from other agents
  4. Read some of your client testimonials
  5. Explain any unique marketing or real estate services you provide

About The Community

  1. Provide a visual tour of local hotspots iny our neighborhood
  2. Discuss highlights of the community
  3. Highlight independently owned small businesses in the area
  4. Explain why your town is worth living in compared to others nearby
  5. Discuss benefits of each neighborhood in your area in detail
  6. Have an interview with long-time residents
  7. Illustrate popular architectural styles in your area
  8. Discuss median cost & advise buyers on where to look for properties that fit their budget
  9. Explain market trends & provide timing advice 
  10. Create seasonal videos to highlight the best events & places to visit throughout the year

Videos About Real Estate

  1. Provide tips and best practices for first-time home buyers or sellers
  2. Announce an upcoming open house and highlight features of the property
  3. Offer advice to leads considering selling on what home improvements provide the best ROI
  4. Do a video walk-through of a newly-listed property
  5. Ask past clients to submit questions and explain the answers in your videos
  6. Discuss mortgage prequalification and home loan opportunities
  7. Offer advice on how to identify serious issues vs. cosmetic damage on home tours
  8. Talk about the foreclosure market in your area
  9. Discuss the timeline of a traditional sale
  10. Provide advice on how to prioritize needs to land on the perfect neighborhood (school district vs. commute time, etc.)

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