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4 Untrue Myths About Dead Real Estate Leads

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Oct 10, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Do you believe in ghosts? Some people do, some people don't. Sometimes people believe so strongly in their superstitions that they belive hauntings to be real. Lets debunk some lead conversion myths now shall we?

5 Untrue Myths About Dead Real Estate Leads-1

These are 4 Myths About So Called "Dead" Leads

1. A Cold Lead is a Dead Lead

This is certainly not always the case. A cold lead only goes cold after lack of follow up. Likewise, a warm lead becomes that way because you are nurturing that lead properly.

2. Once a Lead is Dead, it Stays Dead

Yet another need for a change in perspective. The mistake lies within thinking the lead is dead in the first place. It is simply not getting the right type of attention. Did you try too hard to get them to see houses, when they were still trying to decide which neighborhood they wanted to live in? Understanding the journey of a home buyer is important in converting real estate leads.

3. There's Something Wrong with the CRM

The best CRM is the CRM that you are using. Often times the reason a CRM fails a real estate agent is because of lack of usage, or because of lack of knowledge in using it. (which leads to lack of usage) Instead of finding a scapegoat to sacrifice, why not ask your CRM provider for tips on how to use their CRM? A simple question will get you a much simpler answer, and get you one step closer to more online lead conversions.

4. These Leads were Already Gravely Ill

One of the biggest complaints we see real estate agents make on the internet is that "the leads I was provided are really low quality". The term "low quality" is highly subjective, and we understand agents will sometimes think the only good lead is a buyer who is ready to move into a home within the next 2 months. In reality, these leads are at a different point in the home buying journey, and the approach to lead conversion needs to be changed. It's possible to get leads near making a homebuying decision, but they will be more costly - and might even already have an agent in mind. By getting leads newer to the sales funnel, you can be the first contact that guides them through the process.

Here is a free guide that will help you convert "dead" leads:

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