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How To Capture and Close More Seller Leads

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Jun 29, 2017 7:03:00 AM

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It’s no secret that seller leads have the advantage in this real estate market. They are becoming aware of this and thus, can be more selective when it comes to real estate agents. These days, you not only need to make yourself stand out, but you also need to retain those leads that you have captured. We’ll show you how Zurple’s seller lead program will help you capture and close more seller leads.

Here’s what seller leads are looking for in a real estate agent:

  • A knowledgeable agent who knows EXACTLY what is going on in the market place
  • An agent who will respond quickly to a lead’s specific inquiry
  • Someone who will ensure that they get the maximum value for their home
  • Tools and insightful information that will guide them through the selling process

Here’s how you give your seller leads what they are looking for:

  • Through emails - Sold home notifications are a great way to show your leads that you have you finger on the pulse of the market and can ensure maximized value for their home
  • Through more emails - Based on their online behaviors, you should respond quickly and accurately to what they have shown interest in
  • Geo-targeted Facebook ads - By offering a free home valuation, you create a low pressure and user friendly experience. You can also target leads more likely to transact in your area
  • Provide them with resources for the home selling process including what to expect, timelines, and tips for ensuring they get the most value for their home

This is a hot selling market where the leads can be highly selective of which agents they do or do not use. With such a high demand being placed on real estate agents, gaining any advantage that you can becomes imperative. But don’t just gain an advantage, get a seller lead program that will help you capture and close more seller leads.

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