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Stop Doing These Bad Habits - They Are Making You Unhappy

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Jul 7, 2016 7:38:41 AM


Have you ever met someone who is absolutely miserable to be around? As a real estate agent, you work with people all day long. Whether it is a fellow co-worker, a prospective client, current client, or even a past client, we have all experienced someone unpleasant. Don’t be that person! When a person is unhappy, it is difficult to be around them; like second-hand smoke. Unhappiness not only drives people away from you, but it prevents you from achieving your goals.

Here are 10 habits that you need to stop immediately to become happier:  

Chronic Complaining

Of course it feels good to vent every once in awhile, but if you are constantly complaining, people are going to grow tired of being your sounding board. Constant complaining can portray you in a negative light, which can hurt your relationships with your coworkers or clients.


Your professional reputation doesn't have room for high school gossip. Gossip is not only a good way to portray yourself in a bad light, but it is a good way to lose business as well. Keep it professional. If it doesn’t have to do with you, then mind your own business.

Holding Grudges

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Life is too short to hold grudges. Be the bigger person, and move on.

Not Following Through

There are few things worse than being known as the Realtor that doesn't follow through. You are costing yourself business by making this mistake, which in turn creates unhappiness Make a to-do list and get it done. If you can't follow through with something, then don't say that you will do it in the first place.

Hating Your Job

It is almost impossible to hide the fact that you hate your job. There are plenty of people in this world who don’t have jobs, which means they have no source of income. Be thankful for what you have. If you’re really that miserable doing your job, then find something that you're passionate about. Real estate is about helping other people and you can’t help others if you aren’t passionate about what you do.

Being Negative

Turn every negative thought into a positive thought. If times are tough, try to remember that tough times dont last - tough people do! GIve it a try! Positivity not only keeps your spirits up, but it affects others around you in a beneficial way.

Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions before you have the facts actually expends more energy than it does to hear the facts. It can also cost you relationships. Get all of the facts so that you can make the best decision possible with the information that you have.

Not Having Any Goals

If you don’t have goals, how do you know where you’re going in life? It’s as simple as that.

Being Obsessed With Wanting More Money

The real estate industry is referral based and requires a solid online presence, so you are in control of how much money you make. If you want to earn a higher income, work harder and work smarter. Stop sitting on the couch complaining and get to work! You can do it if you set your mind to it.

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Being Consumed By What Other People Think

All you can do, is be the best person that you can be. Not everyone in this world is going to like you, so don’t worry about them. Focus on yourself and what you can do to be a better realtor.

Happiness is something that comes in many different forms and can sometimes be difficult to define. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is easy to identify. Many of these habits are common sense, but sometimes we all need a little reminder about the everyday actions that can cause unhappiness. Everyone is in the pursuit of happiness and breaking these bad habits will help steer you in the right direction.  

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