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10 Real Estate Networking Tips to Live By

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Feb 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The life of a realtor is a never-ending networking event. Each person you meet is a potential lead, or may even have a referral (including other agents and real estate industry professionals). It’s important to stay connected and network with your local community members if your business is to survive. The internet may have leveled the lead generation game to an extent, but other networking and lead generation tactics have stood the test of time. We’ve put together this list networking tips that all agents should live by no matter the latest social media trend or hottest CRM platform.

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10 Real Estate Networking Tips All Agents Should Live By:

1. Attend Real Estate Events:

This is probably the oldest rule in the book. The only way grow your Real Estate business is by finding out what other others are doing. Just because other agents don’t seem likely to turn into a lead, that does not mean they can’t provide advice or a referral one day.

2. Establish Connections with Complementary Businesses:

During a the buying/selling process you are constantly in contact with other businesses, such as contractors, loan originators, landscapers, and other professionals. Having personal connections with may one day lead to a discount or referral. 

3. Challenge Yourself

If you have been attending the same conference for the past 20 years, maybe it’s time to branch out. Meeting new people is the only way you’ll grow your Real Estate business.

4. Attend Local (Non-Real Estate) Events

Real Estate agents should be fully immersed in their local communities. Buyers and sellers want agents that know all the right people. Endorsing a local sports team or non-profit group is an easy way to prove your local reputation.

5. Act as Though Your Business is Paperless

In this technology age it's reasonable to assume most leads will lose or throw away your print marketing materials, such as business cards. When you receive a business card, follow up with that person via email and save their contact information digitally. Also be sure leads can find you with just a google search bar, as hardly anyone carries phone books anymore.

6. Be a Loyal Customer of Others

Purchasing from their business will make more inclined to purchase from yours. If your lead is a hair stylist, attorney, plumber, or financial advisor, consider using their services first to initiate a relationship.

7. Have a Strong Team

One of the easiest ways to expand your personal real estate brand is through other members of your brokerage. If you’re carrying the weight of your brokerage’s new lead generation, consider finding new team members.

8. Connect with Leads on Topics other than Real Estate

It’s okay to talk with clients about non-work related topics. In fact, agents should try to connect with leads on a personal level more often. Leads will be more likely to remember you if you expressed a common interest of theirs. 

9. Everyone is Your Friend

Everyone loves gifts! Try sending a pop-by gift related to your ability to ability to sell homes. Include a funny pun related to being quick, helpful, or influential amongst your community.

10. Take Real Estate Internet Leads Seriously

Much of networking takes place online, so be sure to treat internet leads with care. If you don’t spend time with leads online, why should they have faith you’ll spend time with them in person?

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