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10 Real Estate Team Building Tips for Brokerages in 2017

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Mar 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

If you're reading this, you're probably considering whether to grow your Real Estate team and how to do so. If you have more leads than you can handle and are losing market share to competitors, it's time you accept a helping hand. As a rule of thumb, adding new team members should make your business more profitable in the long run. Consider these tips to ensure your business benefits in the long run.


Here are 10 Real Estate Team Building Tips:

  1. Know Your Goals First

    What is your ultimate goal? To increase profit, revenue, market share? Write down these goals, adding new team members should benefit your brokerage in this way. Outlining your objectives will make sure you achieve your ultimate goals of growing your team.
  2. Put Your Core Values in Writing

    Consider what has made you successful as an agent, write down the attitudes and traits that have carried you far into your Real Estate career. Your team will only be as strong as you set it out to be.
  3. Provide the Right Resources

    Will agents at your firm need a lead generation or CRM program? Desirable candidates will want to know what resources your brokerage will provide. Be sure to have programs up and running before taking on new agents. In addition, make sure all your agents have the resources to learn these programs. 
  4. Create the Right Compensation Model

    When creating your compensation model, be sure to take expenses off the top. Have compensations clearly defined in the beginning. Consider whether you’d like your agents to be commission based, salary based, or a hybrid of both.
  5. Hire An Administrative Assistant 

    Your first hire should be an administrative assistant. They can take the most immediate workload off your plate with less pay and training. If you're wary about hiring an administrative assistant, consider a virtual assistant. 
  6. Hire a Listing Specialist or Consider a Lead Generation Program

    This team member should assist with seller lead generation and managing listings. They will be responsible for creating a marketing plan for listings and communicating said plan to clients. In addition, they should be good at finding and converting seller leads. If you’re wary about someone fulfilling this role, consider how Zurple can prospect seller leads on your behalf, without human errors.

    Zurple’s seller leads program uses social media marketing tactics to generate leads in your desired sub markets. Zurple converts leads by starting Conversations™ based on their previous online search history. See what Zurple can do for your brokerage:

    Get More Seller Leads

  7. Hire a Buyer Agent

    According to Inman, the most successful Real Estate teams have both buyer and listing specialists. If you have to many homes to show and too little time, consider a buyer’s agent. They will show homes, negotiate offers, and handle in person paper work. Whether or not you hire a buyer or listing agent first depends on the load of buyer and seller leads you’re working with. 
  8. Be Patient

    If the perfect candidate strolls through your office door on the first interview, then hire them. However, never take on an new employee, because you’re tired of interviewing or don’t have time. The wrong employee will cost your business more money in the long run.
  9. Meet with Team Members Regularly

    Open communication is a key ingredient for success in any organization. If you’re nervous about meetings absorbing too much time, check out this helpful article from Inc. Open communication is a necessary ingredient to success.
  10. There is No I in Team

    You may have started your Real Estate team to increase profitability. However, making money your only motive won't get you very far.

Working as a team is not for everyone. This is true not just for Real Estate, but most other industries. Even if adding new team members could potentially increase your profit, keeping your sanity is more valuable. Knowing your personal preferences ensures you get the most out of your Real Estate career.

Drowning in leads? Zurple is designed to grow with your Real Estate team. Our back office separates agents’ buyer and seller leads, assuring our workflows stay organized. Our lead priority ranking feature lets agents know which leads to reach out to and which need more through Zurple.

See how Zurple can increase your client base, without increasing your team: 

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